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Record Petty Cash (1:44)


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30 December 2011 #

Hey guys – I have just tried this and may now not be a feature that is supported – keeps asking me for an account bsb and account number.


Matt Barnett
9 January 2012 #

Hi Stuart,

Try entering a string of 1s into the BSB and account number, eg. 111-111-11111111. Leave the DE User ID blank.



Chris Zerwas
28 April 2012 #

This is one way to do it, but I think you guys need a module for employees so that they can reconcile the petty cash they’ve been given and then punt it to the Accountant for correction and approval.

All the best.

12 August 2012 #

Agreed with Chris. Being only able to import spend and receive money from ‘Bank’ accounts simply doesn’t make sense. But great job anyways :)

29 October 2012 #

This seems rather out dated. How about an update!

15 January 2013 #

Video was helpful! And Matt Barnett’s solution worked for me :)

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