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Rajan Patel
14 February 2011 #

I am having difficulty setting up bank feeds with accounts already set up in xero. The bank feed tab is shows next to the credit card accounts I want to set up with yodlee, but when I click the tab it takes me to the pages that asks me to complete the paper application forms. It doesn’t take me to the username and password page that the help centre describes. Please help. The credit cards are with ANZ and westpac.

benn franzmann
22 August 2011 #

yes I am having the same problem, my accounts are anz access, mastercard, etrade and mortgage account none of which can be linked directly

Andrew Tokeley
22 August 2011 #

It sounds like the accounts were added as Bank Accounts rather than Credit Cards. Make sure you select the Credit Card option on the Add Bank Account button.

Andre van den Berg
2 December 2011 #

I get the “Activate Bank Feeds” window. I have searched your help but I am not sure what info to give?

Enter your PIN – Internet banking PIN?
Enter your access account number – Internet banking access number?
Password – Internet banking password?
Enter your user number – ????


Andrew Tokeley
2 December 2011 #

@Andre – when you activate a bank feed you are presented with the same fields you are when logging directly into your internet banking site,$BK_Add – if you’re still having trouble let us know at

Heather Andrews
7 November 2012 #

Hello Help,
I have successfully added bank accounts. I am now trying to add credit cards (CBA).
I have added them as “credit card” rather than bank account as suggested above.
The “attempting to connect” message times out and says contact customer service.
I ring CBA 132221.
The woman who answers has never heard of xero!
Hmm… What next?
Thanks and Regards

Matt Vickers
13 November 2012 #

Hi @Heather, I suggest you contact and talk with them about what’s going on. They should be able to help you.

Victoria Morgan
6 September 2013 #

Hi, I’m thinking about changing from MYOB to Xero. I just want to know whether we are required to use our internet banking password (which we use to access our accounts on our bank’s website login)?
Thank you.

2 September 2014 #

I want a list of US banks that work with XERO and Yodlee. Can you email me this?

19 November 2014 #

I would also like a list of US banks that work with Xero and Yodlee. tnx

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