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Introducing Xero (0:40)


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11 April 2009 #

Very good service

Cesar Garcia
21 August 2009 #

This thing f**king ROCKS!!!

10 December 2009 #

This is good

Christine Gibson
5 January 2010 #

Cannot turn up the volume to hear the video..

Lou Kett
9 February 2010 #

A little bit pacey, would prefer the dialogue to be slower. Looks very interesting.

Bob Salazar
11 March 2010 #

Yes….. low volumen, a bit pacey…. I think this thing deserves some other explanetion… For example:
I will have now to dig into accounts and sub-accounts chore….
It’ll take longer to know the crucial tasks; as much as to be in love or not with the system

18 March 2010 #

Gives me great hope in going into business again… and this time doing it well! All of the weaknesses were exposed last time, so I know what is on offer here is something that will go beyond just compliances with IRD. The information I have about my company will be way wider and more in depth.

Alexander Rosse
29 March 2010 #

It is without doubt the best accounting package in the world. We use it for ourselves and all our clients. Our service offering is built around it and we think it is the only choice for modern businesses.

Vijay Kumar
23 April 2010 #

Awesome example. Keep it up.

25 April 2010 #

I know I can download a free trial version, but if I choose to continue with the app, what am I looking at cost-wise?

27 April 2010 #

@Lisa – see the pricing page:

8 May 2010 #

i really need a sales management database to link to my accts package i thought xero had one but i cant find it anywhere can anyone help?

20 May 2010 #

need more volume??use headphones!! Great looking program, seamless and integration.

28 June 2010 #

Have just signed up a few days ago, have all accounts setup the accountant on board.
Already up to date 3 months of transaction done in a flash, this is by far the best accounting system yet. Brilliant and easy, was using myob and it was a mess. This is great!

30 June 2010 #

@jules you might try Aereus Network Tools, very integrated and cost effective

Charles Spiteri
22 July 2010 #

Is it available for net working
Does it take multiple companies

Catherine Walker
22 July 2010 #

Hi there – with Xero you can invite as many users as you need into your organisation (accessed from anywhere with a web browser) and you can add as many organisations as you like onto your subscription. There’s a bit more detail on the pricing page on our website – hope this helps.
Regards, Catherine

Derri Herbert
3 August 2010 #

I love this programme, I LOVE IT.

Catherine Walker
3 August 2010 #

Thanks for that burst! We really appreciate you saying so :)

Good sistem looks very interesting.

Benny Huon
8 August 2010 #

Hi, this looks very nice, easy to use, sign me up!

11 August 2010 #

Xero needs to match MYOB’s LiveAccounts processing speed – the big failing of Xero is how S.L.O.W. it goes.

11 August 2010 #

I wish I could test out the speed of MYOB liveaccounts. Unfortunately I could never get past the sign-up process and eventually had to give up. F.R.U.S.T.R.A.T.I.N.G.

Craig Walker
11 August 2010 #

You mean sexy, lovable, oarsome, wow? (Sorry – couldn’t resist :)).

In all seriousness their product does seem quite snappy. But it’s early days – they have very few customers right now so they’ll be running over an empty database and web servers with low contention. It will be very interesting to see how it performs with some real data in it, and how they generally scale their product as they scale their business.

Performance is number 1 on our list of non-functional requirements – we understand how important it is and we’re constantly working to improve it. We also realize that performance is one of the features that customers will use for comparison purposes between us and our competitors and we’re not backing down from that challenge!


11 August 2010 #

does this integrate with other cloud apps like, netsuite

16 August 2010 #

MYOB LiveAccounts is cheaper than Xero!

Rod Drury
16 August 2010 #

Hi Mark.
I understand that this Internet thing is new for you guys but there are these things called IP addresses that get recorded so that blog sites know where people come from.

Here is the information that came with your post ….

Author : Mark (IP: ,

The twittersphere seems to concur that LiveAccounts is probably overpriced compared to what we’ve delivered with Xero:

Best regards,


Paula S
17 August 2010 #

Busted! :D

17 August 2010 #

Rod in this case I understand the temptation, but I still don’t think you should be making commenter’s email addresses public as on the comment form you say they will not be shown.

Ben Kepes
17 August 2010 #

Tim, Rod’s removed the reference to the email, however (to a certain extent) “Mark” kind of asked to be exposed… (quite an apropos choice of words it seems…)

[…] Easy to learn – the design and layout makes it easy to navigate your way around. The online tutorials are also superb. They making learning Xero quick and easy. Take a look at the Xero online tutorials […]

19 September 2010 #

Great video, a great balance between thorough and being well-paced. Thanks

Blair Hughson
23 October 2010 #

@Rod “I understand that this Internet thing is new for you guys” haha classic.. love it.

23 October 2010 #

I really like the idea of Xero. It would make my business more streamlined. My concern is that the fee of $49 p/m is not available as a fixed rate or one off fee. What stops Xero increasing this to $59 next year, or $199? I am a bit old-school and would feel more comfortable if I could just buy Xero and ‘have it’ rather than renting it and being subject to pricing fluctuations. If I felt the need in the future I could upgrade to a newer version. Is this possible?

16 December 2010 #

Loving Xero for my husband’s business – I now want to start something for myself. Does Xero do a stock management system or is there one that you can recommend that is compatible, Thanks

1 February 2011 #

I am representing the competition, so see how long this post lasts :-)
Real funny about the MYOB comment, classic….

I think xero is a great product, it looks good and easy to use although it doesn’t do everything I need. If I didnt have a better product I would have used it.

Two points here I think hit the nail on the head… one is the cost of Xero over time, which is expensive to begin with and can go up at any moment.
And the 2nd is the the performance, I thought it was so slow that I did some performance testing (I have a youtube video if you want) and it turned out that it is more than 100$ slower than our product.

The bottom line is the more you guys spend on taking down MYOb the better it will be for all of us, LOL

Rod Drury
2 February 2011 #

Uri, it’s generally considered poor form to post comments like this on competitors blogs. Don’t think it reflects well on you which is why most serious companies don’t.

3 February 2011 #

Hi Rod,
You’re right I shouldn’t have posted here, I apologise. I guess I didn’t think of myself as a serious company yet. Hopefully this will happen soon :-)
I even asked Cathrine to remove my original post, I guess she can’t.

12 February 2011 #

Hi All, I have not started with Xero yet, but I have a buddy (imac computer wiz) he does his homework on everything, this was an accounting package he recommended to start a business with, great for tracking business, easy to use, on-line help,etc Cost, if the package was cheaper would you expect the same as what is being offered now! :) pamm

23 August 2011 #

I am feeling a bit weird. I am currently gettingn excited about streamlining the bookkeeping for the business I work in. BUT I can’t seem to watch your videos on my iPad from the comfort of my lounge!!!

Charles Sondergaard
13 September 2011 #

Pricing comments ignore the hourly cost of a bookkeeper. If you are more efficient using Xero this quickly outpaces the additional monthly fee. Bookkeepers charge around $50 to $75/hour! Save 1 hour a month and you pay for Xero. Improve your business operations, invoice faster, collect payments faster. How much is this worth a month. The pricing comments scare me as these are advisers to business, imagine telling your clients that by saving $20pm or $50pm that they will be much better off. Their Tax Accountants charge between $100 and $500/hour! Guys, get real, running a business is about making more profit, not by cutting monthly costs by $10pm.

Saman weeratunga
6 October 2011 #

This is very nice service. I appreciate this work

Mike Block CPA
12 June 2012 #

After 28 years, as prominent Quicken and QuickBooks specialists (, we wrote, “OMG! Xero is the future of accounting!” ( Today I wrote. “QuickBooks, Xero, Security and CPA Malpractice.” ( – not using programs like Xero is CPA malpractice)

I am pushing all business clients to Xero, saying they need need not use it. However, they cannot tell me what program to use and I will no longer use business data not checked by Xero. Once this hammers initial resistance and Xero rules automate up to 100% of entries, only a few will use QuickBooks for much. Meanwhile, supervised remote Xero CPAs (less than $10/hour), should cut fees and sharply cut costs.

Hilary Foster
17 April 2013 #

Still brilliant, I advised the accountancy firm I was at to switch to Zero from PostBooks and they’ve never looked back. I tell everyone about it now! Thanks guys.

Yorkshire Accountancy
19 April 2013 #

I’ve started integrating Xero with my firm and never looked back! Its an awesome service, highly recommended!

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