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Salesforce Integration (1:10)


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Chris Vulovic
15 July 2012 #

I have a customer that is replacing their CRM with Salesforce. Their current CRM includes financial features and I am recommending Xero to replace this. The only thing is that I need a way to access an account directly on Xero with a URL. Currently the URL contains a ClientID that isn’t easily transferred to Salesforce. Is there any way we could access the accounts by Account Name in the URL instead?

8 November 2012 #

I don’t currently use Xero. However, it appears to be clear and designed to make inputting data a simple process. Even without reading through extensive tutorials or watching a number of how to videos I can easily figure out what to do when it comes to some tasks.

An intuitive application sometimes seems to be hard to design, if you look at the examples from various sectors that are out there. There are powerful packages that give no end of problems to the users. This can be frustrating and wastes time and money, since people also have to spend a lot of time on training.

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