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Invite staff into your Practice and Ledger (1:07)


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25 March 2010 #

Does Xero have the capacity to have a payroll feature on the program?

Rod Drury
25 March 2010 #

We have a number of great payroll solution partners that work well with Xero. Have a look at

10 May 2013 #

do we need to obtain an invite for Xero each time we do their work for different purposes at different time? I understand the invite expires within certain time. Can you clarify

14 May 2013 #

@Liyanna If your client invites you to access Xero and you accept the invitation you’re good to access their accounts any time you need to unless they remove you from their organisation. In that case they’d need to invite you each time. Yes an invitation when first sent has an expiry on it (14 days) but once accepted, it doesn’t expire.

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