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24 October 2010 #

this how to doesnt have a video on it.

25 October 2010 #

Is there a problem with playing the video above for you? I just tried & it’s working fine for me. Do you see an image of the Xero Dashboard with a ‘play’ arrow in the middle of it? Let me know if not & I can get someone to investigate.

Kieran Phelan
12 November 2010 #

I cannot see this video either

1 April 2011 #

How do you keep track of the Inventory Quantity? How do you simply look up what stock on hand you have for a particular item? I need to regularly check whether I have sufficient stock to sell to my customers?

Matt Barnett
1 April 2011 #

Hi Daniel, presently in Xero you’re unable to maintain your inventory item balances, however, you can track what you’ve purchased and sold across a period. Using this information you can keep balances outside of Xero to check if you have sufficient stock on hand. I’d recommend having a look at our inventory partners who, by the sounds of things, will do what you need:

6 May 2011 #

Are you able to track inventory by category? I have set up our inventory items to track to different G/L codes but also need to track by a different category.

11 May 2011 #

@Kristin Not at this time. You can report on sales (or other account groups) per tracking category using the Tracking Summary or report on inventory items using the Inventory Items Summary or individual Inventory Item Transactions report but not both together. This is a great suggestion and seems logical so I’ll make sure to pass this back to the team.

6 June 2011 #

Further to Daniel’s comments; we are looking at “Unleashed” for our inventory needs as an add-on and would like confirmation on how this would work? 1. I assume that we would do all item purchases and sales invoices in “Unleashed”? 2. Do I then need to import the purchases and sales invoices manually, or is this done automatically, with the various accounts and inventory records in Xero reflecting in real-time what I am doing in Unleashed? – thanks

Tony Rule
7 June 2011 #

@Mike – yes you can push the invoices to Xero. Once you setup the connection the invoices come across to Xero automatically using the accounts you’ve configured. Stock on hand and cost of goods sold adjustment also get sent to Xero. There is a good overview here –

Alan Stewart
13 January 2012 #

Will Xero handle inventory for manufacturing? That is you buy in raw material such as fabric, zips, binding etc.Then you make a garment (which has a bill of materials) and when you process this garment it takes the set quantities out of the raw materials inventory and puts these into a new inventory item which happens to be a finished garment. When this garment is sold the costs are removed from the inventory accounts and put against a cost of goods sold account in the Income Statement.

Dianne Jewell
23 March 2012 #

The video is completely blank, there is no video, just audio

2 April 2012 #

Can you build a product composed of multiple of 1 item. IE 1 tonne of widgets, compiled of 100 x 1kg of widgets with buy price each $10, sell price $15.

Dianne Jewell
23 April 2012 #

No vision problem at all when using Google Chrome

Heather Upton
14 June 2012 #

I have two businesses under a Trust and therefore one ABN. Do I have to set up two tracking categories and then the name again as a category option in order to differentiate between the two when selling, receiving and spending?

24 August 2012 #

Is there an unlimited number of inventory items you can load?

2 January 2013 #

Can I edit an item after I have added it to an invoice? Or do I have to cancel the invoice, go into settings, click on inventory items and edit it, then write up another invoice?

Ziad Alduaij
5 February 2013 #

Is Xero support landed cost calculation for inventory items? if yes, how we can do so? if not, any other walk around to enter more realistic cost to the item where shipping, handeling and custom taxes are added to the cost of item?

4 April 2013 #

Woah, too fast!!!

Fat Lad At The Back
24 December 2013 #

We have a variable price gift certificate available for purchase on our website. The customer selects how much they want to spend and that is the amount of the gift certificate.
Within Xero, every inventory item has a defined value.
I need to be able to have a ‘variable’ amount in Xero so that a gift certificate of any value is acknowledged over the integration with Woo Commerce.
Can you advice if there is a way of giving an Inventory item a variable value please.
If not, when can we expect to see that functionality added?

25 February 2014 #

This video is way too fast!!

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