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Get paid faster, online

Reducing the time it takes to get paid can make all the difference to your cashflow and help you to meet your commitments on time.

Xero already makes it easy to raise invoices, send them by email then follow them up with a statement.  But with our update today, you can now offer your customers the ability to pay your invoices online using their credit card.


By using a free PayPal account, you can now add a ‘Pay online now’ link to all your invoices, allowing your customers to pay using VISA, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal (PayPal feeds apply on credit card transactions). PayPal will automatically notify you by email when payment is received from a customer. Find out more in help or watch the short video below.

This is a great payment option for businesses that don’t have credit card facilities (like Holiday Rental Properties) or businesses that have international customers or who are selling consumers or expense claimable size products & services and with our multi-currency module (coming in early 2009) you will be able to invoice in foreign currencies and reconcile your PayPal account directly inside of Xero.

Other updates released today include:

  • With our Global version you can configure your own sales tax rates
  • Pay or receive a refund against a credit note
  • Australian users can now import their chart of accounts from MYOB

Read the full release notes here.



Earl Rudolfo
23 December 2008 #

How about the ability to import your chart of accounts from other accounting packages like QuickBooks?

Rod Drury
23 December 2008 #

On the list.



26 December 2008 #

Are there any plans to integrate with Freshbooks?

Philip Fierlinger
26 December 2008 #

@allan what type of integration would you want with Freshbooks?

27 December 2008 #

@philip…..Automatic import of their invoices. A few other online accounting services,(Clarity, IACEZ, gobootstrap, Less Accounting) either already allow or plan to provide auto import of Freshbook invoices. I do realize Xero has invoicing features, but Freshbooks does have some nice features. I would love to utilize both, but without having to manually input invoices in Xero. Thanks.

27 December 2008 #

Does Xero have Forums? I very much appreciate Freshbooks forums…one of the biggest selling points to me. By the way, so happy you have launched the Global version.

Rod Drury
27 December 2008 #

Hi Allan. We had forums right back when we started but we didn’t have critical mass then so we turned them off. We’ll be bringing them back on new technology next year.


27 December 2008 #

Great. How about the Freshbooks questions. Thanks.

Rod Drury
27 December 2008 #

We’re looking at it. They have an api, we have an api. Just need to schedule the work. Cheers


28 December 2008 #

Thank you Rod. You may look at or Both of these services have integration in place. This feature would definitely lean me your way.

John McMahan
30 December 2008 #

I vote also for freshbooks auto update with xero, or set up online payments with and I will tell freshbooks bye bye.

30 December 2008 #

Thank you SO much for finally launching the global version. I’ve spent the last few years in envy since I live in the states, so it’s great that you’ve opened this up to a wider audience.

I too am a long time Freshbooks user, and I’m hoping to make a full transition to Xero if the features allow. The Paypal integration was a deal breaker for me – keep up the great work!

7 January 2009 #

A great job on Xero. +1 on freshbooks integration.


7 January 2009 #

Haven’t seen any announcements about freshbooks integration. Can Xero confirm that Scott statement is correct.

Philip Fierlinger
7 January 2009 #

@Anna Scott was adding his vote (+1) for Freshbooks integration.

I’ll assume you want it too :)

We’re on the case.

13 February 2009 #

FB is more then simple invoicing the integrate a merchant account (In the US) with most gateways. Plus they make it simple to automate recurring billing. I just signed up for Xero and have been impressed, FB though is a deal breaker. Might have to revert to Clarity.

15 March 2009 #

We started using Freshbooks as stopgap, but now we’re getting to the point where we are looking to build our service around it permanently – i.e. basic PM, ticket management, we use it for contractor time tracking, expense tracking (shoebox), crm (tactile crm). Xero would be great to integrate with this to neatly finish off the accounting side of things – particularly with it’s integration with our bank account. Custom invoicing and a invoice email interface with more features means we’d probably use Frshbooks to send the invoices, but the live reconciliation and other accounting features in Xero make it worthwhile sticking with.

25 March 2009 #


I will definitely switch to Xero. My big question though is the paypal integration. Can you make it automatic like in Kashflow?

Great work. THANK YOU SO MUCH for this saas. The multiple logins is killer.


15 June 2009 #

We are an Australian based creative agency currently franchising and have been using Freshbooks since October 2008 last year. We’re currently weighing up options in terms of what to do for the new financial year and think xero has some nice features but I’ve just spent 1 hour trying to import a Freshbooks csv file of invoices in, and whilst I’ve managed it, it took too long, and a few random errors on certain invoices. Yet when I tried to reimport the same file, less errors but the same file??

I’d also like to vote for an integration with Freshbooks using APIs or whatever so we can instantaneously or near enough import our freshbooks data on a regular basis and continue to use it for receipting our multiple contractor invoices, to send out automated debt collection notices, raise estimates etc, but to use xero for our reconciling/accounting needs.

Any updates so we can make a decision in the next week or two?


Tony Rule
16 June 2009 #


Thanks for your patience – we’re not too far off offering integration with Freshbooks. This has been our most popular integration request so expect to see it appear soon. Sorry we can’t give you a clearer time frame.

dario Marquez
16 July 2009 #

+1 for freshbooks integration … would be the dream package .. fb for invoicing and xero for accounting ..

21 July 2009 #

And I just cancelled my Freshbooks account today! Xero does 95% of what I used FB for, but adding more of their features would be a really great thing. I’d especially like more payment gateways added and (on an unrelated note) better Paypal integration.

9 August 2009 #

Any update on freshbooks integration? Release date?

Rod Drury
9 August 2009 #

We’re working on it at the moment. It was queued up behind our API 2.0. We have a bunch of fun things we’ve been wanting to do for a while coming down the pipe over the next couple of months.

Matthew Wakeham
28 August 2009 #

Very interested in the Xero & Freshbooks integration. Any news on a release date?

Gina Romero
4 September 2009 #

I am new to Xero but would be sad to say goodbye to freshbooks. Integration would be a real + for me too. Add me to the vote please!

Stephen Megitt
14 September 2009 #

Aaaand add a +1 for me for freshbooks integration:)

Having the two together would honestly give me an accurate financial picture of my business at any given time.

Is there any concrete update as to when this will happen?

I’m getting tired of vlookups and fumbling with data from my excel output from freshbooks to match the xero import template.

Ryan Heneise
17 September 2009 #

Me too! Freshbooks is a great way to get paid – their invoice interface is wonderful and friendly to payees. But all my accounting is in Xero, so it would be nice to be able to use Freshbooks for its invoicing and time tracking, but then have those invoices show up in Xero.

16 October 2009 #

An integration betwwen Xero and Harvest ( for importing invoices and expenses will be great.

Jon Horton
2 November 2009 #

another +1 for Freshbooks integration. Just started checking out Xero, and i’m really liking what i see!

3 November 2009 #

+1 on Freshbooks. We use the time management and invoicing features extensively on Freshbooks, and a method to push every invoice that is sent to the client via email or port on Freshbooks into Xero would be amazing. Any ETA on the integration?

Catherine Walker
4 November 2009 #

Hi Jeff, we’re working on it now so we’re getting close – we’ll certainly let you know!

5 November 2009 #

Patiently awaiting…can you give us a hint as to which quarter this may be added. This is the one feature holding me from Xero and seriously considering Clarity or IACEZ. I am stuck in Quickbooks right now because I’ve been waiting for this to happen with Xero. This question was asked about a year ago. I am just anxious to dump Quickbooks and get into a new system. Please let us know.

Catherine Walker
5 November 2009 #

This quarter! In fact next week if all goes to plan!! So thank you thank you for waiting patiently and we’ll look forward to hearing what you think.


6 November 2009 #

That is awesome!!!

6 November 2009 #


We have created our own freshbooks -> xero import tool.

There are some issues syncing the recurring invoices. I think the API is too limited for us to release a 3rd party tool out of this.

Glad to hear you are working on it.

10 November 2009 #

@ Catherine

Will this Freshbooks integration be auto or manual?

Catherine Walker
10 November 2009 #

Hi Allan – after the initial manual set up, it’ll be automatic.

16 August 2011 #

A true and seamless payment gateway integration is key. I’m surprised Xero is limited to basic paypal. Integrate and then we are talking.

19 September 2011 #

Seamless gateway with would be fantastic as mentioned above….Authorize has huge market share in the states. Any plans on laying this out?

30 September 2011 #

It would be great to see integration with something like EWAY as well so we can get money direct to our account

Daniel Dwyer
18 December 2011 #

Any further thoughts on the integration with eWay? ( ?

That would be incredibly useful!

9 May 2012 #

Yes, oh please… can we have an integration with eWay? It is a hugely popular payment gateway in Australia and we need to get credit card payments this way (feeds for reconciliation would be lovely too).

9 August 2012 #

does this support recurring billing?

3 September 2012 #

Any plans to offer the Paypal Business payments option, as Freshbooks does, for 50 cents per U.S. transaction fee instead of a percentage? Freshbooks has an agreement with Paypal and I believe Quickbooks does, as well, to offer this. Would love it if Xero would offer this as well, then I could ditch Freshbooks completely. Until then, I’ll need to keep Freshbooks.

19 September 2013 #


I’m trying to add in a link on invoices to enable clients to pay by credit card through our paypal account as described above. Things seem to have changed though. We used to be able to but the option isn’t there any more. I’ve added in the Payment Services for paypal and applied it to the theme, but it still doesn’t come up. Any idea what’s going on here?

Thanks for your help.

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