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Liz McCracken
8 November 2011 #

Great video thanks. Once again the full screen is blury ‘though.

16 August 2012 #

can you import an excel spreadsheet into xero with debtor details to auto feed into invoice template

Matt Barnett
17 August 2012 #

Hi Kelli, you can import your debtor (and creditor) invoices into Xero from a spreadsheet, see here in our guide: Import invoices into Xero

6 September 2012 #

Hi, can you tell me why all my sales are showing in revenue as client name rather than sales? I have various clients all showing under one and would rather them be all under sales or as individuals. We use FreshBooks as a feed, could that be the issue?

29 November 2012 #

What happens to the data when a client finishes business and then is subject to an audit, can they access the data perhaps years after ceasing to be a Xero customer?

20 May 2013 #

Good question. What is the answer xero.

Rod Drury
21 May 2013 #

Sorry @Kathy didn’t notice your question. Thanks for the reminder @Ben.

We keep all data, even after you cease to be a customer. That allows us to upgrade your data in case you every need it back. It remains private of course and access would only be granted with your permission. There may be a small reinstatement fee to cover the costs of managing your data over the period, but 99%+ would never be accessed again. Over time we may hard delete and can do on request.

It’s not just a case of snapshotting into a file as Xero as new features are continuously added so its easy to just keep upgrading all customers.

Hope that makes sense.

Elaine Mullen
16 June 2013 #

Rod, would love to understand WFM the way I do Xero. We had one of your implimentation partners set it up a year ago and I’ve never had a report that makes sense. The invoices go through to xero broken down 2 or 3 times depending on true cost code into my income account on xero. Frustrating when I tried to work out client spend by type eg small tax return clients as against business clients. I was told a year ago WFM was for accountants. I love Xero but just can’t get my head around WFM. Maybe a WFM for Dummies book?

Italo Juarez
4 October 2013 #

can i tailor xero to peruvian accounting? do you know any case? thanks,

4 November 2013 #

Can this program handle Canadian Taxes?

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