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Aaron Green
23 May 2011 #

This is exactly what we’ve been looking for – great work guys!

Aaron Green
23 May 2011 #

By the way – how was the chicken? I’m guessing 1/4 chicken in the US is about the same size as a full chicken here in NZ…

27 May 2011 #

This is a great new feature guys, but could you add a zoom function to the attachment viewer as they are extremely hard to read and my accountant will not want to have to download each individual attachment to view them! Cheers.

Jamie Murphy
23 January 2012 #

I would like to be able to add at scanned receipt at this time I am doing a bank rec. I am self employed and do not use the expense claim function, and cannot find a way to add a receipt to an expense line.

13 July 2012 #

I have the same question as Jamie? did you get an answer Jamie?

11 March 2013 #

Could the attachment functionality be extended to journal entries?

Peter Kearney
18 November 2013 #

Please can we have the facility to also add URL’s for those of us who already have files in other cloud based file storage systems.

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