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Good news, in January this year we released quotes – no more workarounds. Check out the blog for more details…


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Ashley Hart
5 September 2010 #

Hi, Are there plans to improve the quoting system?
It seems to be more of a hack than a feature!

Rod Drury
5 September 2010 #

Hi Ashley. You are correct. We haven’t focussed yet on quotes as we have some great job costing partners and have so far concentrated on the hard core accounting features. We will add quote support in the future as we get through other things we have in the queue.


Chris Magnusson
5 September 2010 #

Agree, would really like to see a proper quoting system within Xero.

9 February 2011 #

Quoting would be a really useful feature, would make a the system more complete for freelancers as well.

29 March 2011 #

Just want to add my 2 cents that Quoting would be a really useful feature.

31 March 2011 #

Im looking to shift to xero, the only thing stopping me is the lack of a quoting system within zero.

7 April 2011 #

Any updates on this..??

Frustrating that it seems that this is still lacking..

Really happy with Xero- changed my life (no really it did :-) )

But.. I’m dying to see the quoting component come to fruition.

18 April 2011 #

So when are we going to get proper quotes? Need this if I’m going to change.

18 April 2011 #

come on, this is almost perfect – just add quoting and you will have our business for life.

20 April 2011 #

Agree with the above. A professional quoting system is all that is holding Xero back from a superior product!

Anton Gerner
20 April 2011 #

I agree, Xero needs quoting!
Xero – WHEN ?

Andrew Tokeley
21 April 2011 #

Hey guys – while quotes are something we want to do, our current priorities, over the next few months at least, are over-payments, prepayments, discounts, budgeting improvements… to name a few. The feedback we’ve had from our customers is that they want us to work on these things first.

So, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a bit longer – thanks for the feedback.

4 May 2011 #

Completely LOVE Xero, but… How does one get to sending out an invoice without having first sent a quote? Am I the only one who has to bid jobs before I get them? It almost seems like Xero never should have launched without quoting. Now that you’re successful you guys seem too busy to go back and add it. Please do this soon!

5 May 2011 #

@Mark – yes it’s great we’re so busy and so many people are using Xero, but we definitely want to get back to this as more and more people like you let us know this is an important part of how you run your business and use your accounting system. We’re juggling a lot of demands but know this needs to be revisited. So this video and accompanying help ( is your option right now, unless you go with one of our work flow partners. Thanks for letting us know what you need and your patience!

26 May 2011 #

I’m with Mark on this one. I love this software and it’s made life so much easier. However we REALLY NEED a proper quoting system, this is the only thing letting it down….. and maybe a link with IRD so tax could be paid from here

9 July 2011 #

Quoting and purchase order system and you a complete product!! How l

28 July 2011 #

Looks like a great start, but most business need to quote and send estimates. I also will not be able to switch to this until we can actually create quotes.

5 August 2011 #

Would be keen for a quotation feature in Xero, but would have to agree with xero that their current system niche market is in the invoicing and accounting so the priorities would logically lie there.

5 September 2011 #

Would love to see a quoting system on here. I think it would be simply adding a duplicate under Accounts drop down called “Quotes” then uploading the templates under this and treating as an addition, there is already Invoices and Statements so surely we can squeeze quotes in. Would make it so so so much easier to operate a complete accounting system as there is currently no streamline cloud quoting software, we run our business on cloud and unless you want to pay top dollar there is just nothing available.

11 September 2011 #

Maybe you should take a look at one of your competitors in the cloud to see how they do quoting – namely Saasu (and I mention this as I REALLY want to change to Xero, but the lack of a comprehensive quoting module is a deal-breaker for me!).

In Sassu, a quote is generated, and when accepted is changed to a sales order. Once the goods or services have been shipped/done, the sales order is changed to an invoice. I think the magic lies in the way you treat your invoices. You shouldn’t separate the quoting from the invoicing, but merely add quoting as an initial step.

20 September 2011 #

Yep i agree, Quotes are a huge part of running a business and needs to be addressed asap. This would complete the great package. steve

17 October 2011 #

Hi Rod and Andrew,

Its been 1 year Rod, and 6 months Andrew. How can this still not be a priority? Every tradesperson needs to use this function. Are tradespeople not part of the XERO business strategy? The average business in NZ is a plumber.

I dont get this??? Very frustrating…nearly the best product!

25 October 2011 #

Agree with Brendon. Its been over a year! I’m sick of having to do a draft invoice to do a quote.

Christian Devereux
7 November 2011 #

Xero is a great piece of software. I would also like to vote for the Quoting module. Would be a massive improvement. I am currently using Billings ( which is awesome, but really want to use Xero for Quoting & Invoicing… currently I don’t even use the invoice feature in Xero as Billings is so simple to use & keeps it all in the one place.

23 November 2011 #

Just to support the already common theme here, I love Xero, but the lack of a quoting function held me back for a long time making the swap over to Xero. I now use Xero as my financial management package, and I really do love it, but the lack of a comprehensive quoting facility is a real ankle biter. Someone earlier mentioned the system generating a quote, followed by a purchase order and then the invoice, this would be fantastic…

David Keane
15 December 2011 #

Quoting is really something that is needed – we don’t mind if its something that is integrated by a 3rd party – but having it is a key business tool – please keep up the good work

Mark Broadbent
19 December 2011 #

Like others I would like to put forward my wish for a proper quoting system. As a freelancer I put out more quotes than invoices, being able to integrate and track these down the line are a must have feature for me and a struggle without.

Richard B
20 December 2011 #

Agreed – we would definitely like to see the ability to easily create quotes. At the moment, we have to create these manually via Word / create PDF, which is far from ideal.

Tristan K
10 January 2012 #

Another vote for quoting functionality. I had assumed this would be included and I’m quite surprised it is not. Seems like a basic function as a precursor to invoicing for many businesses.

Doug H
16 January 2012 #

We are recommending clients to Xero, some objections to move to Xero is it’s lack of quoting ability. More work on this functionality would be worthwhile.

18 January 2012 #

I’m sad to find this blog post. I was pretty much all set to sign up to Xero and went looking how to do a quote then turn it into an invoice (somthing I need to do for every job). I find this and see that the feature doesn’t really exist. Kind of saddens me to see that this has been in the radar since 2010 and nothing has been done about it. :(

Alex Dunbar
20 January 2012 #

I use the method in the video to create quotes and it works in a fasion. One issue is the Paypal link to give the option to pay does not display on a draft invoice. Second the file created when you email is call INV-00XXX.pdf so you have to save it localy and rename the file to Quote- 00XXX.pdf which then means you can’t email directly from Xero. It workable and not too far off what we need but just need a bit more functionality. Please make this a priority to improve , it must be getting to the top of the pile now.

Rory Walters
23 January 2012 #

Hi, I believe what everyone here would like to see including me is two things, 1 being Quoting, It would make this amazing program perfect and make 99% of your users lives a lot easier and help them with a smother running company including myself.
The 2nd one is the users would like to hear from Xero is a date as to which we will see this, an actual date not a its in the list to be done,

Thank you for your amazing system, cant wait for perfection

D Allen
29 January 2012 #

After reading these posts I am really having a hard time with using this for my business. I would think at $30 a month you should get quotes. It will be hard on me to pay $20 from someone for else for quotes plus your $30 to get this done.


29 January 2012 #

Come on Xero, you advising changing of the draft invoice to quote however it then prints with the payment advise portion on the bottom!! Can we not, whilst in settings and making our change also have the option to delete the payment advice? Xero please listen to your clients and make us all 100% happy!!!!!

Andrew Tokeley
30 January 2012 #

Both Quotes and Purchase Orders are still on our list and I too would have loved to have been able to deliver both quicker. Doing all I can to push them up the busy queue.

@Adrienne, @Alex – worth noting that the video doesn’t show using the “show payment advice cut-away” option in invoice branding to suppress the payment advice section and DOCX themed documents that give you even more control over how quotes should be displayed.

Graeme Leo
30 January 2012 #

One school of thought would see quoting as part of a sales process and sales process is handled by CRM, not accounting. If you don’t win the sale then why would you want to clutter an accounting database with non-accounts? I understand that tradtional desktop accounting products have estimate or quote forms but I don’t see that as useful except in possibly a sole trader situation where CRM isn’t seen as required.
A quoting process can be quite complex with large product lists, revision tracking, price refreshing, pricing rules and proposal creation etc. I can see that development of quoting for Xero could easily blow out if not careful, better to handle with a 3rd party software except in a most basic form in Xero to satisfy a sole trader situation.

Rod Drury
31 January 2012 #

@Graeme. Yes you could argue that – but we will still do quotes. Also expect that CRM packages can do even more sophisticated quote features.



10 February 2012 #

Is there any ETA on quoting functionality? It seems like the method shown in the video demands that you edit the name so it doesn’t say “Invoice” meaning you cannot send “quotes” direct. I was hoping to move over to Xero at the start of next financial but if quoting is a long way off I might have to go to Saasu.

21 February 2012 #

Hi, I’d also like to know what the timescales are for improving the quoting procedure, We have recently signed up to Xero and for us, this is the only downfall.

The problems for us are that it uses the same numbering sequence as invoices so easily gets confused with invoices.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.


21 February 2012 #

While the current method for quotes isnt ideal, its working pretty well for us … we spent a bit of time modifying the word template which helped. This shouldnt hold new potential users back from enjoying the other benefits of Xero.

Brendan Tully
21 February 2012 #

Hmmm just tried this but all the fields come out at Invoice No, Invoice Date etc which looks unprofessional, simple tweaks to change this with this workaround

21 February 2012 #

I want to put my vote in for quotes. It is the one function which is delaying my change over to Xero.

George S
29 February 2012 #

Here here for both Quotes and Purchase Orders. Really tarnishes a wonderful product. I have used the draft quote function and its pretty unprofessional to be sending that out to customers.

19 March 2012 #

I have found a really nice woraround for this:

Slick interface and run by very responsive Kiwis.

Serge Crismale
20 March 2012 #

I have a builder/bathroom renovator who uses Xero to manage his Quotes, accepted and Completed Jobs and this seems to work quite well.
When a quote is prepared (using a detailed items list for standard pricing) it is saved as a draft and we use a custom invoice template which looks like a letter to the customer explaining the quote, inclusions, the process for acceptance, payment terms etc. Once the client agrees to the job, the Draft Invoice gets submitted for approved.
Once the Job is complete the Invoice is Approved and the invoice layout changed to a Tax Compliant Invoice for the client.
They use the dashboard to see:
Draft = Quotes sent not yet accepted
Awaiting Approval = Accepted Quotes, Scheduled to start
Awaiting Payment = Completed Jobs waiting payment
The system seems to work well for them.

I’d be interested in seeing more detail around the requests for Quotes – what is it you are looking for rather than just saying you want Quotes – i expect i’ll look at other systems to see what they do.

The only thing we seem to be missing is the ability to receive a payment against a “submitted for approval” invoice, it doesn’t happen but if it did i’m sure we will find a solution.

Hope this helps if you want another possible solution.

29 April 2012 #

As a really simple work around in the mean time. Could Xero add the ability to delete the due date, and also change the “Invoice Date” and “Invoice Number” titles to “Quote Date” and “Quote Number”. These very simple additions would make a big difference while we wait for a proper quote processes withing Xero.

Matt Barnett
30 April 2012 #

Thanks for the comments, we will look to update our Help process soon, in the meantime, to help you get started with using draft invoices in Xero for simple quotes, here’s a ZIP file which includes step-by-step instructions and a template quote DOCX file that you can edit: Create basic quotes in Xero.

You also might like to look at one of our quoting partners, such as

Brandon Smith
4 June 2012 #

Another vote for better quoting process in Xero.

5 July 2012 #

Another vote for better quoting functionality. Some minor improvements would go a long way.

9 July 2012 #

Yes , agree with everyone regarding quote function , was trying to find out how to do this today. Seems strange that the first comment on this was Sep 2010 , and with so many comments backing up the need for this , there is still no quote function available nor a time frame when this will be done . Do we have this yet ?

19 July 2012 #

Another vote for quoting system. I have a client who really wants this. I’m really liking the look of Xero but am struggling to persuade my client to use it as he has already seen another system which has quotes available (and its free).

20 July 2012 #

A better quoting system is essential if i am to remain with Xero. I love the rest.
Surely this is a priority, you cant expect us to go through this process every time,when with simple programing it can be fixed, and made easier. Research which is the best system out there and then implement that in Xero. You will then have the best product on the market.
Time for action!

21 July 2012 #

Need quotes guys. Trialling Xero now, was about to sign up with the EOFY. Now going to wait untill this is done. Stuck with MYOB for another year.

28 July 2012 #

It has now been nearly 2 years since this feature was first asked for. It would be very nice! Otherwise Xero is so much better than MYOB but I am starting to notice a few things not as easy to use as MYOB. But please quoting…implement!

2 August 2012 #

It really seems as though Xero doesn’t want to update this part of their system. They just keep saying “you can go with our partner quotient”.

I really think this should be a standard feature of any leading accounting software.

I’ll definitely be on board with Xero once they implement this, but until then, I’ll stick with Saasu.

4 August 2012 #

We are seriously looking to migrate to Xero , BUT seeing that users have been crying for 2 years for a feature that is also critical to our workflow, we are skeptical and are having second thoughts. With no timeline, it could take another 2 years. Sorry, but we can only wait so long.

David Cunial
7 August 2012 #

We need the quoting system asap,and how about spell check whats a program with out both of these, if knew i would off waited longer to join.

Lachy Ritchie
14 August 2012 #

I’m a Xero lover. Just want to add to the feedback that I would really really like to see quotes as a priority. Thanks heaps

Christo Bresler
15 August 2012 #

I also think this should be a standard feature of any leading accounting software. One more vote for better quoting functionality.

Tom Trainer
22 August 2012 #

Got a client who would change to Xero now if it could do quotes.

Stuart Johnson
26 August 2012 #

Ok, looking to sign up to Xero, but to read people are waiting for 2 years for something that should be standard worries me. Not just from the standpoint of the missing functionality, but more over the reluctance to listen to customers for the service required. XERO – time to tell people when this is really happening, they look to have waited long enough. Apart from that the system looks pretty good.

29 August 2012 #

You would think that this would be one of the first main feature… And this thread is 2 years old… Really?

31 August 2012 #

I want to be able to send quotes, am appalled to find this discussion. Are Xero intending on resolving this or not? 2 years is a long time to have it on the list of things to do, could be a deal breaker for me.

14 September 2012 #

please. quoting. please

Tiny Giant Studios
25 September 2012 #

Are there any new developments on the much-requested quoting feature?

3D Motion Graphics
5 October 2012 #

So still no quotes then?

6 October 2012 #

If Quotes and Purchase Orders are on your list to do. Would you have an ETA on when they will be available.

Gareme Leo
8 October 2012 #

Some 9 months ago I commented here that logically quoting is a part of a sales process and hence is a CRM task, rather than an accounting process. In that time nothing much has changed; there are web applications for quoting but nothing that comes close to the completeness of the feature-set that is available in desktop quoting applications.No surprise, given that desktop quoting apps. have evolved over many years, reproducing that in a web application is a huge task.
What really is the looming game-changer is the pending (early 2013) release of Microsoft Surface Pro – Windows 8 on a tablet device. Suddenly the capability of combining the rich heritage of desktop apps. with cloud services. Why wouldn’t you run a desktop CRM and/or quoting application integrated to Xero to get the best of both worlds. It certainly is really interesting times, flexibility is about to get way better as hybrid offline/online options become a reality.

18 October 2012 #

I’m really dissapointed in the fact that you have to purchase “Quoteint” if you want to produce quotations for XERO……!

24 October 2012 #

I do agree with everyone regarding the quote function. I was also trying to find out how to do this today and now seriously doubting to migrate to Xero. Indeed this feature is more than critical to any SMB’s workflow and this should absolutely be a standard feature of any leading accounting software.

This being said, the “custom basic quote” process shown in the video an interesting “hack” but…is there any way to set a specific numbering sequence to a custom template?? Otherwise each new quote would increase invoice numbering, which really makes no sense.

What do you think?

Adam Lavery
25 October 2012 #

More than two years now since this post was started and still nothing even on the horizon as far as quotes goes. The excuse of “we’re working on other things” wears thin after a few months. How is it that in 2yrs you have not be able to employ even temporary contract staff to add this much requested feature (that most would agree should have been there from the start)? Isn’t that part of the SaaS paradigm – new features are released much sooner than traditional software release schedules allow?

Piyush Vig
26 October 2012 #

Guys. C’mon. Please pick up your game. In the online world, changes need to come quick and requests/features need to be implemented even quicker. I think all the cloud based companies would agree.

Your recommendation to use the “hack” to prepare quotes is not worth doing as when creating the drafts from the new invoice tab, the heading for the files is always “Invoice – XXXX”. For us to use this feature to build quotes, we have to do take the following steps:
1. Change the option of sending the invoices from “online +pdf attachment” to “Only pdf attachment”. This is required as if you use the inbuilt functionality to send the quotes via email from within the system, the email header goes as “Pay your bills online” whereas this is a quote and not an invoice.
2. Every time we create a quote and save it to drafts (As we cannot send the invoice as per point 1), we will have to save the pdf first locally, edit the name, change it to quote so it makes more sense than “Invoice-XXXX”.

On another note, your team has recommended “Quotient”. Though this is “PAID” and the quotes prepared are great, yet a few flaws that I could see.
1. Quotient does not import contacts from XERO, which means we need to double-type the info into both systems.
2. When creating quotes it works well. But does not give you the option of editing the email template which is sent out to the clients, which means you have to live with what they want on the email (No personalised template for email) unlike XERO, which lets you what you want in the body of the email and also change subject.
3. When the quote is accepted, the communication between quotient and XERO is great but we have issues again where it does not match any of the inventory items in XERO and the item/inventory fields in the imported quotes is empty. User needs to go into the draft and edit the saved draft with inventory items (More effort). So I ask. How can a system be recommended when it is also is a “Hack” to get around quoting in XERO.

In saying that, as a standalone product” Quotient” is a great App.

I am sure XERO’s team has a lot of fantastic features in queue to be launched. But if no one pays attention to the BLOG and customer requests, I don’t see how else we can raise our requests and opinion.

6 November 2012 #

another lost customer…love xero want to transfer to it but can’t without the quoting element. The hack for quoting just isn’t good enough, still with MYOB but really to change…

Andrew Tokeley
6 November 2012 #

Hi Everyone – Quotes and Purchase Orders are still in our sights but we haven’t progressed as fast as we’d have liked. Not to say we’ve been sitting around twiddling our thumbs but have been doing lots of other work in the meantime, extending the product and working on other popular features.

Things are moving though, and as I discussed in a recent post (, the upcoming changes to the AR/AP dashboards are part of the move to accommodate these features next year.

Andrew Tokeley
6 November 2012 #

…oh, and don’t forget to vote for Quotes ( and/or Purchase Orders ( to keep the pressure on!

Gillian Macleod
15 January 2013 #

Have just wasted a couple of very frustrating hours trying to work this out-it does not work at all like the video. this is on top of many hours un yet resolved trying to upload a logo.I find that xero is actually extremely limited and that is how I continue to use it. Someone will catch up soon and xero will not be so popular.

Anton Gerner
26 January 2013 #

@xero – Any further updates on quotes?

Mike Walsh
30 January 2013 #

Hi Everyone – I thought it might be of value to let you know that Socket, our online quoting software has recently been integrated with Xero.

Socket lets you create, send, and manage quotes online with website & CRM integration, online payments and lots more. We are also working on an online Purchase Order feature that we plan on rolling out in the next couple of weeks.

You can read more about the integration with Xero at To learn more about how Socket works, see

Debbie Splodge
4 February 2013 #

Come on Xero, its all good but wheres the quotes, there are posts dating back ages here regarding it – lets get it done!

6 February 2013 #

Please get this quote feature together! Following this video, it still leaves in the cutaway payment page and unlike varying a standard invoice, you can’t remove this from the docx file… I don’t want to purchase an add on – shouldn’t this be a standard feature?

Lee Hicks
24 February 2013 #

As a current Xero customer, I find this frustrating too. Asking us to use a partner and spend more money really stinks.

+1 Vote for quoting…

Nick C.
27 February 2013 #

I too would really like to see a quote feature.
I have been waiting for it for years.

8 March 2013 #

Seriously was going to sign up and a lot of friends too. But no quoting facilities kill xero as a smb solution

Andrew Tokeley
8 March 2013 #

Hi Everyone,

Here’s an update of where we’re at with Quotes – which is certainly in our sights if not your hands yet. Our plan is,

1. New Sales and Purchase dashboards to provide a home to put Quotes and Purchase Orders (completed)

2. Add Purchase Order functionality (development started) – this was deemed the most pressing requirement, lots of feedback from partners and business owner, particularly out of Australia. In many scenarios it’s simply not possible to purchase goods without producing a PO and doing this outside of Xero is obviously not ideal when managing this workflow. This priority is also reflected (just!) from votes in Community (, currently sitting at #2. Can’t give a delivery date at this stage but it’s a few months off yet.

3. Add Quotes (in analysis and design) – close behind on community at #3, this work has begun in terms of scoping and design but we’re not yet in a position to mobilize the development effort yet. It will be delivered after Purchase Orders.

So, apologies for Quotes not being ready earlier, we are listening and I am personally doing everything I can to get these new features to you as soon as possible.


Lisa Dickson
10 March 2013 #

That’s great news Andrew, I have an increasing number of clients looking for sales and purchase order processing. I look forward to both being released!

18 March 2013 #

Yes, quotes is kind of fundamental, and an easy way to have quuotes accepted on a deposit and managing the whole final invoice x days before delivery etc. I hope this is coming????

26 March 2013 #

Bit of a flaw in the vote system for improvements if potential customers can’t vote. Seems to me that if all the people who don’t switch to Xero because of the lack of a quote function were able to vote, then you might have had to prioritise it by now. Fletchers and EQC are requesting quotes from subcontractors now so this is a huge hassle for us to muck about with docx files that not everyone has the office software to open.

Matt sound advice
29 March 2013 #

I have just read this entire blog and was all ready to go with draft invoicing etc I even set up a estimate template and an invoice template so I choose which type to send etcbut now I see how long this has dragged on for I have lost all confidence in zero but hey I’m with myob live accounts and they are no better but are half the price monthly

4 April 2013 #

Haha, you guys are all missing the point. Maybe you don’t know… Xero owns WorkFlowMax, which is an add on that offers quoting and of course, charges a monthly fee ($15 – $199 / month depending on number of users). Why on earth would they give up that revenue stream?

Fine with me, since adding on has much better options than WorkFlowMax, namely, ProWorkFlow or Harvest. So, yeah, they want to monetize the quoting aspect, just wish they had been honest about it from the get go. Why not just add it in to Xero at a higher monthly fee? They would see more revenue that way. The way things are going, there is too much competition against WorkFlowMax to make as much money as they would by just adding it in for a higher monthly fee to Xero (upsell). Just simple marketing common sense. This would also translate to more product loyalty and better brand positioning.

Anyway, I’m debating now between ProWorkFlow and Harvest. Harvest is nice because it can handle quoting and retainers (deposits) which can be held on a per client basis, invoiced separately as a retainer invoice, and applied to invoices for that client as needed. Great feature. However, ProWorkFlow seems to have more robust time tracking features and has better widgets. Word is on the boards that the Harvest widgets (not the software, just the widgets and cell phone app) don’t sync well and make tons of errors on time tracking. Still, that retainer function is very cool.

Makes me wonder… Do we need 3 applications to form a good end to end system? For example, Xero + ProWorkFlow + another app that handles more stylized quoting (like Quotient or Quote Roller) and can also do the retainers? Maybe 4 applications? Who knows. I need to figure this out ASAP, also the workflow needs to be considered. How will the info pass through to Xero with so many different apps bringing data in? Or, should they be just kept separate to some degree? For example, it’s not really necessary that the quoting be synced with it’s resulting invoice (if any), nice, but not necessary. I guess I just want the best of all worlds. A complete, efficient, amazing end to end system. Haha, we can dream, right? Food for thought.

Rod Drury
4 April 2013 #

@Ty Mischievous and untrue.

We have said many times that work is well under way for what we call our ‘Order to Cash’ workflows which includes Purchase Orders, Quotes and Simple Stock. There is simply a lot of work to do to get to Xero quality and we have some technical debt to catch up on having grown so fast. But well in hand.

We think there will be great opportunities for good 3rd party add-ons like WorkflowMax (which we do own), ProWorkFlow and Quotient etc. We only plan to do the mass market features, not specialty ones.

We deliberately have not rebranded WFM as we want it to compete with our other great partners who are specialists in their own rights. We value our ecosystem so that decision was easy. We acquired WFM so we could build our Practice Management offering and that is progressing well. That provides much more value to Xero than specialist job management software.

All add-on partners are working hard on integrations and we are making our API smarter so that customers can choose the best combinations for their business. Making the interfaces easier is a goal of all of us.

I do expect we’ll see some consolidation over the years but still massive opportunities.

5 April 2013 #


I was interested in your post about WorkflowMax as we are currently using ProWorkflow and are considering moving to TrafficLive as it looks like a better system (we have a few workflow issues with ProWorkflow that are causing a lot of wasted time each month). TrafficLive looks great as it is built specifically for creative agencies but it has a hefty price tag, min £2,100 setup & training, plus I really don’t like the charge for Xero integration being applied to each user as only one or two use this feature! WorkflowMax seems to offer most of the same functionality for a lot lower cost. The Lead Management would save us also using OnePageCRM which we love but is as @Ty says just another system to use and pay for.

My query is, as you say that purchase was to expand your Practice Management offering would that make it potentially a bad choice for a creative agency? As I say it looks to do what we need now but if it gets taken down an accountancy route to our detriment I would really regret migrating!

I appreciate you may not be able to advise against it but as Xero is our accountancy package of choice anything that resembles impartial advice would be greatly appreciated!

Rod Drury
5 April 2013 #

@Rupert, the WFM team has had a lot to do to make Xero awesome for Accountants and are well through a UI refresh right now. We have approved additional head count for the WFM team so they can continue to deliver a great product for all service businesses. Creative agencies are key vertical for us and keen to hear what we can do to make it even better for you.

Ronan Quirke
5 April 2013 #

@Ty @Rupert just further to this, there are some really useful discussions going on in our community forum, Using Xero Add-ons:

This thread is the kind of thing we love, real users sharing their experiences:

Be great to have you share your questions or insights.

bill roberts
5 April 2013 #

@Rod Dury can you give me an indication of how long it will be before xero has a built in quote function which say is being worked on. I do not need all the stuff that WFM has and its seems crazy that i should have to set up and pay for another system like quotient for what should be simple quore functionality

Rod Drury
6 April 2013 #

@Bill, we’re working on it. Purchase Orders are first but we have had to do some clean up work that has taken a bit longer than planned (which will give the entire up app some great benefits). With that done you’ll see our cadence increase in this area.

No one more than me would love to have it now. It’s months though.

In the meantime the partner apps are looking good.

Sorry, but we have so much to do and we’re working hard. We hear you.

Sod Oscarfono
10 April 2013 #

It seems to me that Xero should adjust their priorities according to consumer demand. And consumer demand is well in favour of a comprehensive quote to cash solution.

Having used Xero for a number of months now, there are definite strengths and weaknesses. The quoting system being the biggest drawback from our perspective, and yet such a necessary part of running a business.

Just my two cents.

Richard Pece
3 May 2013 #

Hmmm…. A little devastated that Xero has no Quote facility. I assumed that a Draft Invoice was what you called a Quote, then found a few issues, like the INV- prefix etc.. etc..
So I did some digging, and found this post. Well at least I was on the right track for a work around.
I like the post by “Serge Crismale” – I’m sure a few more people on here have used the work around to get a decent Quote going… would love to see some templates.

Anyway the Add-ons are an option. But not justified, especially for small business, one man band prices are fine, but as soon as it jumps to a few people the price structure is too high! – I cant justify spending $50 a month on Xero and another $40 on Quotient !!

So – where are we at with the Quoting facility Guys ???????

Ryan G
16 May 2013 #

I am looking for an online accounting package to replace QuickBooks and was excited about Xero but without a quoting system and purchase order system, it’s a no go. Especially since Intuit finally has an online edition for Canadians that has these features built in for the same monthly cost.

Michael N R
17 May 2013 #

It seems that Quotient is a pretty slick 3rd party app that creates GREAT quotes and converts them into invoices within Xero. I don’t understand why poeple don’t know this yet or why Xero isn’t pushing this more as a preferred partner or something.

Kirsty Hopkins
6 June 2013 #

We have been using Xero for over two years now and will be moving if the quote function is not set up soon.
We pay au$50 a month which is quite a lot for a small business and I find it baffling that we can’t make quotes through Xero then turn them into live invoices. I would expect that this would be a basic function.
My husband is a tradie and it is so handy for him to do his accounts whilst in his van in between jobs = more free time at home to play with his son.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work on the quote function

28 June 2013 #

I am devasted …. just spent many frustrating hours on importing contacts and all excited to get Xero up and running for the new financial year only to now discover NO QUOTING OPTION … seriously …. I just assumed a program like this would have it. Guess MYOB will continue to get my money for a while longer

3 July 2013 #

Well there ya go. Here I am spending the last 2 days setting this thing up and getting ready to change over. I am set to do a quote tonight and can’t for the life of me work out how, then I come across this page.
Everyone is in the same boat….shit now I’m going to have to continue using my current software afterall.
I was reading posts at the top from years ago and some admin says it’s on the cards…years later, no quoting option. Really piss weak

3 July 2013 #

I am really annoyed. I have spent so much time setting things up in the demo version.
Thank god there is a demo version, because I’m not paying $50 a month for software that can’t quote. Staying with what I have and just have to accept that I have wasted 2 days learning how to use Xero… so glad I didn’t fall for the $550 my accountant wanted for showing me how to use it and then to learn there’s no quote option.

4 July 2013 #

I’ve been using Xero for around 12 months now and I’m about to cancel out my subscription because of this NO quoting issue and a few other things that are simply critical and they just won’t add them, as simple as it would be from a development perspective.

It’s a pain, as switching any accounting package is, but not having the simple ability to quote is a bigger pain than a 1 time switch to another accounting system.

I think it’s a case of Xero not wanting to add certain functionality that’s provided by their 3rd party dev’s…which just means they don’t have much desire to innovate. It’s a pity really, Xero has the framework to be a fantastic product.

Andrew Tokeley
5 July 2013 #

@Stu – sorry to hear you’re considering leaving over this, we understand it can be frustrating to have to wait for something that is important for your business.

As you know, there are alternative that have worked for a number of Xero users – in particular, branding a draft sales invoice to appear as a quote or using a 3rd party solution (e.g. Quotient). Agree that neither option beats having this in Xero itself and we are committed to adding this functionality but have not yet been in a position to start the development. We’re very much focused on delivering Purchase Orders at the moment (for which there is no real workaround) but part of that investment will help us deliver Quotes more easily.

You are not correct to assume this means we don’t want to do it – we totally do.

Sending me CVs of any developers you know could help!

11 July 2013 #

Without quoting and PO features cannot think to switch over to Xero!! Very surprised and disturbed to know Xero can have all these features using 3rd party program (Xero partners), seems like try to sell more products, but they are not free with Xero neither cheap.
Also surprised to know Xero working on this problems since more than 2 years now!!
Let us know when Xero have all this features (common bookkeeping software features) and than we will think about it. Till than wait and watch.

17 July 2013 #

I have tried again tonight (did try last year) to make a quote, i have followed the direction, but when i send myself the quote, it shows invoice all over it, saying its due to be paid etc, etc.. This is no good! A year ago when i asked the same question i think the response was you were working on it, so whats happening 12 months on???

Tracey Kennedy
18 July 2013 #

I first send a quote then if we win the job we turn that quote to an order for the workshop then once the job is complete we invoice. This is normal practice for a lot of companies. Zero saying use draft invoice is not at all appropriate because when you email this quote the email shows it as an invoice and gives due to be paid dates my customers I’m quoting for are not happy I’m not happy. Please improve on this major problem.

14 August 2013 #

hi Tracey Kennedy, i have been using xero for over 2 years now and do Quotes on a daily basis not sure what xero have told you but try the following steps as this works for us.

1. click into general settings, then Invoice settings.
2. click on arrow New Branding Theme (as you want to create a template and name it quote/quotation)
3. scroll down to the new branding you have created and click on the Download button.(this will download a word document for yo to customise.
4. when finished customising save document
5. back to and the new branding you created and click Upload button to upload the document you just saved.
now when you go it to Accounts/Sales to create a Quote follow the following
1. click New Invoice
2. put all information in like you would to an Invoice but you will need to change the Branding to what ever you named your new branding document.

I hope this helps you.
good luck

18 August 2013 #

I guess if so many people are inquiring about getting a quotation section for Xero then it should be on high priority as we are the users and we are the ones paying the bills.

We are Electrical contractors and we have recently moved to Xero, we love the software and it has great benefits to receiving our payments quick. We also require a quoting system as we are now using our old MYOB to quote and then xero to invoice. having to do double the work.

We are unwilling to spend any more money on another system just to quote. It should be a standard function to quote and then change to a invoice after the job is completed. I do understand that a draft invoice can work buit its not professional enough.

Ild also like to see the App software being able to run in a horizontal position as it makes it difficult to work from and type in the vertical position.

I do hope that we can see change in the near future, as in next month maybe.

22 August 2013 #

I am currently using QB for quotes, invoices and purchase orders and want to find a new software that is all self contained and online. I understand the you can have 5 users on QB, but I am after more. I like the sound of XERO, but I have ZERO interst in a system which does not have a standard system of quotes and purchase orders, please email me when you have a solution or someone has a better solution or different system I can investigate.

24 August 2013 #

You’re kidding me! Comments dating back THREE YEARS about the need to include a quoting system and still NOTHING from the developer?

That’s just very very lame.

I agree with all the other posters that quoting is a VITAL part of managing a business. Not an add-on.

Pull your socks up, Xero!

25 August 2013 #

Xero and a new quoting system is a must .also electricians and desperately need something quickly.This blog dates back to sept 10 with the same question “where’s is the quoting ” three years guys. We still use myob for quoting, which are getting closer to offering a similar package as xero with no add ons

27 August 2013 #

It would be easy to quote if a draft could be renamed ‘quote’, and then be emailed to clients. Piece of cake.

30 August 2013 #

I have clients who need the ability to quote NOW!
Xero please give it priority!

My clients are waiting to move across but can’t because of this.

2 September 2013 #

This thread has been going on 3 years and still no solution to doing simple quotes or estimates within xero. Sorry guys but this functionality needs some prioritisation. Where is the Xero development roadmap? does this even exist?

22 September 2013 #

After been won over by a colleague about migrating from sage line 50 to xero, spent 2 days convincing the business owner I work for about the it, was just about to sign up, and saw this thread, wtf….., this is crazy, no quotes, my client is a sole trader garage, does not need a sophisticated quote system, just something professional that clearly indicates its a quote, I don’t care what they say, in 3 years that could have been done!!, there is clearly another reason for this!!!, so disappointed, it was 90% perfect for us

Steve Shepherd
24 September 2013 #

So there are a couple of options here.
1. You can make various invoice formats that can include the wording QUOTE on it and simply leave them as Draft invoices until they are accpeted.
2. You could use WorkflowMax (which would be the best solution) to do quoting as it is a proper job tracking, parts and time tracking system that is owned by Xero and fully integrated. Also has purchase orders.

22 October 2013 #

Is there a feature for creating an order in Sales and once the order is completed, able to change this order to an invoice . I need to be able to send the order out to the customer for a deposit. Please advise as this is an important part of our business.

23 October 2013 #

Re using WorkflowMax for the above purpose, I do so and okay it works but it is NOT ideal in many ways. I think we need the quoting / purchase order function within Xero along with the ability to assign expenses to a particular job.

23 October 2013 #

I would rather pay a little bit more per month for Xero to perform all the functions, than the amount I currently pay for WorkflowMax on top of Xero to do a less than ideal job integrating together. Am always on the lookout for an alternative because of the nuisance of using two separate systems.

28 October 2013 #

Hello Xero Friends – It is critical that you add the ability for us to generate Estimate / Quote’s with your system. Your foundation is set, simply the ability to generate an estimate as a draft / active estimate like the Invoice module. Once the estimate is activated, it should notify the key client contact for review / approval. Once client approved, there should be a client view for all approved jobs for both client / vendor management. When it is time to invoice, we would have the ability to convert to invoice and edit if additional charges are to be applied. The foundation on your application to set this much needed functionality, as the Invoice module operates as such. Absolutely no need to add any form of time tracking or project scheduling, as those best served by mature apps like Basecamp. Been using Xero for the last year and love the system – however, please help us complete business flow and get out of generating estimates with word processing applications…..PLEASE, IN A HURRY, PLEASE!

3 November 2013 #

Wow. Here’s an example of a company with a decent but not fully realized product that is getting VALUABLE real time feedback from their customers and potential customers and not doing anything with it for over 2 years! I am shopping for a complete bookkeeping solution with the ability to develop PROFESSIONAL estimates. Think back to when you created your software and app, and invest the same interest in improving your product, surely this is not as huge a task. Meanwhile you’ve lost another customer to Quickbooks, who seems to realize this is a must have for most.

11 November 2013 #

Shame on me for not looking into Xero when our Accountant suggested it to us. If I had of known that these 2 VERY basic ( Quotes & PO’s) accounting sections were not available, I would have renewed Quickbooks.

Richard Wood
11 November 2013 #

@Jill please see our blog post today announcing release of Purchase Orders

15 November 2013 #

Hi I have read alot of the posting about quoting. What good is an accounting package if you have no jobs to invoice. When you are in a small business you do alot, i mean alot of quotes. Quotes take a lot of time to get right. If you do not win quotes then you do not need to use purchase orders. Having a simple click to convert a quote to an invoice saves so much time. Xero is great at making accounting easier, Please listen and do not rely on other companies to fill your missing features. thank you

18 November 2013 #

purchase orders, but not sales orders (quotes can interchangeable with sales orders)… ummmm ok. Didn’t you guys raise 150 million dollars a few months ago?

Maybe spending less money on marketing and more money on business financial tools would be a good idea. Quotes /Sales orders are essential.

Businesses don’t just buy products — they sell them!

Any update on time-line on this please?

Andrew Doe
21 November 2013 #

Quotes, Quotes, Quotes- the lifeblood of any business is sales … come on Xero – It can’t be that hard, can it?

We are not going to leave Xero because you don’t have a decent quoting system – QuoteRoller is OK for now, But it is a major annoyance and clearly there are a lot of people who are annoyed – like me.

When will you make me smile?

J. J. Cunningham
27 November 2013 #

I am adding more weight to the need for quotes.

Since we started using Xero, the system has gained customers and major funding but significant additions to the core feature set have been somewhat thin on the ground.

Aside from streamlining the mechanism for filing VAT, the Xero I am using today looks and feels like the product I signed up for in 2009. Yes, it’s useful, and yes, it’s reliable, so like Andrew above we’d be loathed to throw the towel in. But its shortcomings are starting to chafe.

We need quotes, we need despatch notes, and some rudimentary stock keeping would be nice. No thanks, we don’t want add-ons or third party solutions like QuoteRoller, because these go against the ethos of the centralised bookkeeping system we all bought into. And it’s not as though quotes, despatch notes and stock keeping are recent inventions.

By now you must surely have the money and the manpower to create a legion of unfailingly loyal customers overwhelmed with a sense of Xero’s growing value, but from reading the comments here you’re just making people feel impatient and even guilty for asking the same things over and over, year after year. The addition of Purchase Orders a short while back was welcome, but in reality merely highlighted the glacial speed at which these things get done.

Regards, JJ.

Wayne Archard
9 December 2013 #

All I can say is that I think what everyone is saying is valid, xero seem to have dropped the ball on this one. We are using JobsPlus for quoting which integrates with MYOB and had hoped xero would provide us with a more integrated solution, but alas this is not the case. I guess we will have to vote with our feet & stay put!

Rebecca Smart
11 December 2013 #

Ditto, Quotes/Bookings are the vital stage 1 in the sales/revenue process for us, if we don’t have a fully integrated Bookings process within Xero in the very near future I would have to seriously consider moving. I am surpised that PO’s have been given priority – with out Sales we wont be raising many PO’s will we?

18 December 2013 #

So, now we have our PO’s (Thank you), how are you going with our Quotes?

29 December 2013 #

3 years and running.. wowwwww wish i had that much time to develop a feature request. Why does it take so long to develop this ? You cannot serioulsy tell us that it takes 3 years to develop a new feature that is number 3 on the request list…. That means it takes 1 year to develop each request.

Sorry but for a company that turns over Millions that is just not acceptable.

I can see purchase orders are done, but that is not something most people on this blog post needs, its quotes.

From your comments Quotes is now on the table, so where is it up to, i am not willing to sign up unless this ESSENTIAL feature is implemented.

Surely you guys have an ETA, A project management Timeline ? For a company your size you must have milestones that you can share with us to tell us where it is up to and when its going to be finished.

3 January 2014 #

Happy New Year Xero Team! Checking back in to see when we can expect the release of the Quoting module. Please take the time to alert your customer base on when this long awaited customer request will become reality. The last we heard, it was staged for the end of year 2013. We’ll, 2013 has closed with a bang and your loyal customers are ready to book some big business for 2014, only we need the quote module to make our life more efficient. We have all waited very patiently by you, so please get back to us right away and let us know if we can expect during this month of January. BEST WISHES FOR 2014!

Scott Robinson
4 January 2014 #

I had decided to move our business from Freshbooks to Xero… until I thought I should check that quoting in Xero is as good or better than Freshbooks.

It is the first thing I looked for – and you don’t seem to have it natively!

5 January 2014 #

This is a joke, Xero has messed up big time here. Why don’t you get off you butt and do this asap? We won’t be renewing our subscription if this isn’t sorted this month, it’s terrible that a seemingly cool company can mess this basic sort of thing up. QUOTES are vital you fools.

Andy Rowley
21 January 2014 #

Sorry Xero. Just got everyone here used to your excellent package, got Paypal integrated, got Go-Cardless integerated and after all of that and only one month of usage, I’m also about to pull the plug and use an alternative.
Why? Same reason as everyone else. A complete lack of response over an issue raised more than three years ago.
Hopes given and then dashed.
Be honest Xero, come on, be completely honest here…. You have excellent add on providers for quotes, but this increases the monthly cost way beyond other providers who already include quoting systems.
It’s ludicrous that a professional and well presented package like yours has one very fundamental foundation missing… for three years! Even after voting, messages, responses…. I don’t think this is ever going to happen. I would wait after only using it for a month, but then I saw this thread. If it ain’t happened in the last three years, I wonder if it is ever likely to. And you guys won’t give a firm date.
Off to the review sites again I think.
Draft invoices won’t work for me. If a quote isn’t accepted, what happens with the invoice number? Too complicated. Must try harder. Bye….

Andrew Tokeley
23 January 2014 #

Hi everyone – I know this is frustrating and we want to deliver Quotes as soon as we can. The reality is that we have a lot to do and have to make tough decisions about what we work on. To be honest, the best place to hear the progress we are (or aren’t) making is on Community ( – this is a more central place to summarise things.

10 February 2014 #

Frustrating is not what this is Andrew….. It’s B.S. Go and have a look at when the 1st thread asking for Quotes started…. It’s not acceptable to make your customers wait this long for a basic feature!!!! I’m glad I only have to work with Xero for another 2 months :)

Elaine Mullen
12 February 2014 #

There is a way to get Quotes in Xero NOW. You create another “invoice” template called Quote and you process an invoice as a DRAFT. These can then act as your outstanding quotes and you can email a DRAFT using your QUOTE template. If the Quote is accepted then you just approve the DRAFT…simple! I think comments like those above are so narrow minded when you consider all of the great features Xero already has in comparison to others….I’ve been using Xero for 3 years now and love how it has morphed and continues to enhance (not just copy old school thinking) in much better ways than other so called cloud accounting solutions.

27 March 2014 #

Elaine, i don’t think its about being Narrow minded, i think its about the expectation of a feature that should be there that’s never come to light. Yes theirs workarounds as you’ve said but this is not Quotes or a quoting system and its not job a job end to end cycle. Instead Xero seem to think its ok to recommend a partner – If i wanted to use a partner and therefor multiple vendors i would, i choose Xero because i diddnt want multiple vendors. Xero recently increased the fee too, not by much granted but even so increased without a fundamental feature being implemented and requested for over 3 years. Xero has features i’ll never use, it also has features upgraded\installed since i signed up i’ll never use. So for the moment i’m left doing my quotes through excel – offline – no synchronisation.

3 April 2014 #

Xero, this thread started on September 2010. It is now April 2014 and you’re still unable to offer a basic quoting function? Seriously?

Please can someone on your team give us a better explanation than ‘we have more important things to work on.’ There has got to be another reason and maybe if you shared that with us we wouldn’t all be so livid that our requests have been sidelined for almost four years.

3 April 2014 #

P.S. Is there a way to delete the ‘Due Date’ field in a draft invoice?

3 April 2014 #

Agreed Paul, it is ridiculous. I have recently finished a small business course, went through different accounting software. The lack of quoting feature came up as a discussion on xero, with our lecturer recommending Sassu, as it has more features and is cheaper (probably less marketing costs!!!). Thats 30 of us in one class, with most people pulling out of it because of a lack of quoting feature. There is a new cloud based MYOB system on its way which has leapfrogged current technology (ie xero sassu) which may be very good. Long story short, Xero will get left behind with their arrogance or incompetence in satisfying customer demands.

13 April 2014 #

We do definitely need Quoting guys. Why isn’t this number one on your list?
All, not some, businesses in construction or service industry need to quote.
All good to provide a way to draft a quote but it still sends a PDF labeled ‘Invoice’.
We switched to Xero on recommendation from book keeper and it has some great features but will head on back to MYOB if no updated by EOFY.
Like buying a car with one wheel missing!

19 April 2014 #

What Tha?? I recently signed up for a Xero Trial as I was just sick of MYOB’s Support (or lack there of). I’ve sent four different requests and they never get back so thought I’d sign up for a Xero Trial with the intent on moving over from MYOB Live Essentials which is a good affordable piece of software for small business, sure there are workarounds, but paying extra for a plugin, add-on or whatever for something that is included in other packages is a nice bit of BS. My main concern is it’s coming on 4 years and the community are crying out for it. I’m worried leaving crap only to go to crapper. Guess MYOB it is and if an Accountant keeps forcing Xero down my throat (cos they get some kind of kickback from Xero), I’ll goto another Accountant. Introduce quoting ASAP (give us an ETA even) and I’m sure you’ll keep your clients happy and get many new ones on board, as we don’t mind paying the extra, so long as we get the service.

6 May 2014 #

I just looked at this the other day, being relatively new to Xero, and found the ‘draft’ invoice scenario for quoting. I cant figure out how to add in a ‘scope of works’ that is included in the price. Nor can I see how we can upload our Terms & Conditions to go out with every invoice or quote. Would love this feature to be rolled out sooner rather than later. I’d use it every day and would save me time in having to use another program, save it, attach it & email it separately only to have to enter it as an invoice once it’s accepted. I’ve used Simpro before and all of these features are included in a low monthly price. As far as I can tell we are paying an exorbitant amount of money each month for a program that is not yet fully developed. Disappointing that, after what would appear to be 3 going on 4 years, this still has not been fixed.

13 May 2014 #

Time to stop thinking about Accountants and starting helping the business owners… we pay the subscriptions, we need quotes not more reporting.

13 May 2014 #

Yes the ability to be able to do quote then turn it into an invoice would be a big plus

Kim Coleman
26 May 2014 #

Just signed up to xero & didn’t realise there wasn’t a quote facility? I’m about to play with the draft invoice docx idea? It is not an option to use the addons as it virtually doubles the price! this could be an amazing system if it had a proper quote option included.. I’m a bookkeeper and am stunned it isn’t included? Is it in the pipeline and if so when will it happen ?

Kim Coleman
26 May 2014 #

Ps.. Until this is included I won’t be able to recommend it to all the tradies I know.

28 May 2014 #

Agree with all comments going back to 2011…..and probably further. Pretty obvious isn’t guys why quotes aren’t enabled. Revenue. $50 month for Xero, + $15-$50 a month for an add-on package. So you could sit here and ask until your face turns blue……and it will. The answer is clear, Xero owned product WorkflowMax $25 month……then you can do quotes…….total outlay $75 a month every month. Do I want to spend that?

4 June 2014 #

What a disgrace. Clearly just trying to squeeze every cent out of small businesses who can’t afford it. All of you waiting for quotes (this thread goes back 5 years with xero promising they were working on it back then) don’t hold your breath. They are feeding you lies to stall so they can keep squeezing your last few dollars. Don’t believe their lies, and we all know, there is nothing worse than a liar.

Sang K. Neal
29 June 2014 #

Totally agree with CHRIS . Why every one is focusing on Quotes and ignoring those squeezed small businesses which can’t even afford this one…..

George Georgievski
9 July 2014 #

I Really do not understand how there is no Sales Order Option. What do you do if a customer pays you a deposit and then pays the balance a week later after their goods arrive? Just as Xero has a Purchase Order option it too should have a Sales Order Option. Makes it very frustrating to try and find an add on.

10 July 2014 #

gobsmacked!! no quoting. Zoho is the answer.

13 July 2014 #

Just joined for the free trial. 3 or 4 years to setup a user friendly quoting system ?
It would be nice if you tell us about your roadmap for that feature atleast? We use that a lot in our system. Xero has other great features that are user friendly.I beileve that 3 years in development is enough to come up with something that basic.

Laura Cardinal
16 July 2014 #

Hi Everyone,

I’m please to let you know that the quotes status on community has been changed to “started”.

Development is underway with a dedicated team in Melbourne and I’m looking forward to updating you all on timeframes as we get closer to release.


Jimi Hills
18 October 2014 #

Any update since July Laura our accountant recommended we switch to xero however it doesnt have a customisable quoting system looked at your WFM product dont want to pay more for this one feature does not justify the cost

after studying this blog and getting on here out of frustration are you guys really very serious about making an impact on the world market at all?

The cushion of investment funding is great but looks like youve lost the real focus “serving your customers” and responding to their needs like everyone else has pointed out why give us the cone with no ice cream

Rod Drury
18 October 2014 #

Hi Jimi, well through development now. Coming soon. It’s not a tack-on but fully integrated into our workflows so was more work than expected but looking good.

13 December 2014 #


Do you have a launch date for this feature please?


27 December 2014 #

We are an operations consulting firm, and have utilized Xero with a couple of clients, and we have one ready to make the leap, but we’ve been waiting on this estimating feature.

We need a real eta on launch, or we are going to have to refer other tools.

Please update status of the estimated launch.


30 December 2014 #

Switching over to XERO for 2015. Very sad to see there is no proper quote system. I’m required to quote every service for approval.

30 December 2014 #

Any information as to whether this has been sorted please? I

‘m going to be adding a new service for my business in the new year and was heavily considering Xero. If quoting is not yet available I’ll be going elsewhere.

I urge anyone working at Xero to scroll to the top of this thread and make their way down, as I just have. It’s an absolutely shocking read, quite frankly, given that over four years later, this absolutely fundamental feature has not been added yet.

Quickbooks is 70% off until the end of the month, so unless there is something tangible in this thread by then, my decision will be an easy one.

27 February 2015 #

wow, i’m another potential customer deciding against xero as it doesn’t have simple quoting. I hope xero realise that most people don’t even bother commenting. Most people will just read similar posts and reviews and just decide against xero. For every comment there are probably at least 100 silent users who decided not to use xero, especially as it has been 4-5 yrs for nothing to happen. Will stick with myob, surely quoting is not a niche here in australia, it is essential.

Andrew Tokeley
27 February 2015 #

Good news, in January this year we released quotes – no more workarounds. Check out the blog for more details…

Andrew Tokeley
27 February 2015 #

@hayley – this post should be removed, Xero does have quoting :-)

21 March 2015 #

I’m a new business owner still shopping for accounting software. Now that Xero is equipped with the quoting feature, could you advise if it is possible to include/accept down-payments with your quotes? For example if I were to send a client my quote for a project that required a 50% downpayment – would receiving the downpayment amount act as acceptance and automatically convert the quote into a pending invoice (with a credit adjustment for the received down-payment)?

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