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Benefits of Xero for Bookkeepers (1:01)


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Gillian Rossouw
9 November 2009 #

Just what software consultants and bookkeepers need for learning and also showing the transitional client how the application works. I have been telling bookkeepers to forget about what they have used in the past. Totally different concept and not to make comparisions.

John Birse
18 February 2010 #

Congratualations Xero your program and flexible delivery make bookkeeping as a service a reality for small business owners who can now offer a cost effective solution that is within the budget of all small business owners. Rather than Do It Yourself bookkeeping Xero and a Professional Bookkeeper can now offer Do It For Me Bookkeeping.

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24 June 2012 #

i liked the software and the benefits of proper accounting it contains. In addition, i mast say Xero is very easy to use.

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