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The customer supporting the support team

One of our innovative UK customers, Ash Young of evoluted web services, has resolved issues he was having with his Abbey Bank statements for himself and for other joint Abbey Bank and Xero cusotmers.

Abbey provide bank statements in a slightly unusual .CSV format not easily converted or imported into Xero.

Well not any more – Ash has developed his very own Abbey .CSV to .QIF converter which enables the Abbey .CSV file format to be converted to a .QIF which is fully compatible with Xero. Not only this, but he’s embedded the converter within a page on his website making it accessible to all Abbey Bank customers experiencing the same issue.

Thanks Ash and the evoluted team. Great job building this and making it readily available!



Jim Mango
17 January 2009 #

Thankfully Abbey has updated its online business banking system (LONG overdue) and now you can export straight as .QIFs!

All we need now is a direct feed! Please hassle them Xero!

Nathan Pitman
20 February 2009 #

Ditto that comment. This would convince our accountant to switch to Xero in a snap if it was automatic.

Rod Drury
20 February 2009 #

We are! We are! You could help us by sending your bank manager a note. It means more coming from you.

To save you time (that’s our thing at Xero) we’ve written a letter for you:

Dear Mr Bank Manager

I know you haven’t seen me much lately but I use your service every day.

The internet is starting to change things for small businesses. Especially in this economic climate when we need to monitor cash flow every day.

Did you know that in New Zealand and Australia almost all of the big banks automatically send customers bank transactions to this new accounting system called Xero? Each morning your last days transactions are automatically sitting there in your accounting system. Reconciliation takes just a few seconds and small businesses know exactly where they are at financially. It seems to be very popular, even in the UK.

I’m surprised that we don’t have this service yet it is common in New Zealand and Australia? Didn’t we used to send our bad people there?

I’d really like this service. In fact the first bank that provides such a service in the UK I will change to and I would expect many small businesses will do the same.

You can find out more about Xero here: They seem to be very nice people.

Thank you


Hope that helps.


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