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Open Source at Xero

We know there are lots of people that would love to build tools on top of Xero, so we’ve been working on a number of Open Source projects for people to start playing with.

These are hosted at our Microsoft CodePlex site

One of the first projects we’ve put up is a tool that allows you to build custom invoice templates in Microsoft Word 2007.

We’ve had lots of requests for more flexible formatting of invoices. At some stage in the future we’ll have a great way to do this inside the Xero web application but we wanted to address this request as soon as we could.

We’ve decided not to release this functionality as part of the standard Xero product because it’s not our model to install software, though power users may find this functionality useful.  We hope that others will take the code, extend it and build their own tools on top of Xero.

You can download Xero Invoicing for Microsoft Office 2007 here. Other open source projects in the works are a Microsoft Outlook contacts importer and the Xero API wrapper for C#.


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25 November 2008 #

very cool

Darryl Collins
29 April 2009 #

I am a new Xero user. (Love it so far!) I have been trying to work out how to have several different invoices for independent business units in the one company – different names, payment details, logo etc. How soon do you think you will have multiple invoice templates in Xero? And is the above a viable solution until it is done (if it’s still way off). Thanks.

Rod Drury
29 April 2009 #

Great to have you on board Darryl.

We didn’t design Xero to do what you’re doing. The preferred way would be do run different Xero organizations but with a common chart of accounts to make manual consolidation easy at the end of the year.

However we are planning to beef up invoicing considerably and may be able to address this. We’ll factor this into our design.

Yes the above solution should work well in the interim.


29 September 2011 #

Very Good

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