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Posted 10 years ago in Xero news by Rod Drury
Posted by Rod Drury

Big news for us today as we announce our marketing partnership with Telecom.

Telecom New Zealand Partners with Xero

This is the next plank in our strategy.

We’ve worked hard to build our scalable software platform and to validate our offering with sales in New Zealand, the UK and Australia with our early market entry work.  Within our own resources we’ve managed to notch up well over 2000 customers fairly quickly.

So now we have a fantastic platform and the next big challenge is to scale sales.  To build a global brand yourself is incredibly expensive.  So we’ve always believed that the way to large markets is to partner with those organisations that are already talking to your potential customers.  In the online small business world that’s banks and telecommunications carriers.

This channel strategy is fundamentally different to traditional small business software which is normally sold through a retail channel where you pay it all upfront (at your risk) with hidden ongoing maintenance and support costs – rather than pay as you go (which is at the risk of the supplier).

We are doing some great work with the banks and appreciate their support.  Working alongside those banking relationships Telecom New Zealand is the best partner we could possibly have in New Zealand.  Not many other companies can market like Telecom does, and provide a company like Xero with exposure to the vast but diverse small business market.

Over the last 6 months, Telecom has worked hard on its brand.  Part of their new strategy is to visibly support New Zealand businesses.  Earlier this week Made From New Zealand launched with Telecom’s support and this announcement today shows that they are willing to directly assist young companies such as Xero.

The announcement signals the delivery of a commitment we’ve made to our accounting and broader ecosystem partners.  Xero will deliver revenue opportunities to you.  Contact your Xero account manager to make sure you’ve got the training and resources in place.  From mid November we’ll be driving customers to our Advisor directory and they’ll be looking for partners to work with.

A big thank you to the many staff inside Telecom that helped over the last year to get us there.  Your advice, insights and guidance are very much appreciated.

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