Bold move

The new BlackBerry Bold arrived and seeing the faux leather back – I just had to have it.

The keyboard is fantastic and I’ve noticed lots of little software improvements like being able to read HTML email.  The best thing so far is that the new BlackBerry Browser seems to work very well – so far no need for OperaMini. Xero Mobile ( worked without any style tweaks.

As the Bold has wifi I will surf more on my BlackBerry at home and work.

My biggest gripe so far is that RIM doesn’t include the same useful applications that the iPhone has on the front screen. Weather, World Time and Stocks are the obvious ones.  With a BlackBerry you have to hunt for those applications yourself and load them up.  Too hard.  I don’t understand why RIM don’t do basic Interaction Design and see what users actually do. Or just copy Apple.

The Bold is expensive – especially when there is so much innovation happening and there is already talk of the next models which will be Curve (8310) sized. While the Bold may only have a fashion life of 20 minutes, it is by far the best mobile email device I’ve used. I just wish RIM would do some work on their software.


Rod Drury
October 10, 2008 at 12:05 am

You buy a BlackBerry for its keyboard not its software, but the click touch looks interesting. An iPhone with hard keyboard would have me in a nanosecond.

Rod Drury
October 10, 2008 at 9:06 am

Just noticed that if you have a wifi connection, email gets pushed across that connection even if the mobile radio is off. So RIM have done it right!

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