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Reporting and invoicing updates

We’ve made lots of fine tuned enhancements in our latest release today. You can read the full release notes in our Help Centre.

Some of the top requests from our customers we’ve addressed with this release.

New price list report
There are two new reports for items sold. Firstly, you can get a breakdown of the items sold from your Price List by running a Sales by Item report. This tells you how many units of an item you have sold and what was the average price of the item sold. You can then compare this to the unit price entered on your list. Secondly, the Price List Invoice Summary report is related to the new report above as it provides you with a list of all the invoices that made up the total sales for the chosen item on your Sales by Item report.

More invoice flexibility
With your invoices you can now print to PDF, an accounts payable invoice (not a Tax Invoice) that you’ve entered in Xero. And you can also prepay accounts receivable or accounts payable invoices via the invoice itself. Read more here.

There’s many more updates detailed in the release notes. Have a play.


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2 September 2008 #

I see in the release notes that an Australian version is being worked on. What about New Zealand companies who are GST registered in Australia as well as New Zealand? Will you one day support NZ and Aus GST in the same organisation (and multi-currency)? Please say yes. I already love Xero, but I’d consider making love to Xero if you supported this.

Rod Drury
2 September 2008 #

Hi James. We would recommend you run separate Australian and NZ organizations as branches (but see them both in MyXero), but we are looking what would be involved in supporting multiple sales tax regions within a single Org.

Our multi-currency features will let you invoice in other currencies and track your currency exposure.

Let us know what else you need.

p.s. It’s ok to love your accounting system – you just can’t ‘love‘ your accounting system

2 September 2008 #


What has happened to credit notes – I keep seeing them as “coming soon” month after month… they are starting to pile up in my in basket.

All the new features are great but please get the basics nailed first !


Rod Drury
2 September 2008 #

Hi Mat,

Short answer: ‘stand alone’ credit notes are 2 months away.

Long answer:
We currently do Credit Notes applied to existing invoices (, but we do not do what we would term ‘stand alone’ credit notes.

When we designed Xero we wanted to build the best accounting engine ever and leverage the power of a relational database. We started with a clean sheet design and with requirements for fairly simple businesses. At that time we thought applying credits to invoices would be enough.

The original database design of Xero has some fantastic features – like modeling cash and accrual transactions at the same time enabling us to provide cash and accrual reports. But it didn’t readily allow us to do stand alone credit notes as we can’t attach them to anything in our database model.

As Xero has taken off we’ve learnt a huge amount more about what small businesses look like and the way the run. That experience has lead us to come up with our Accounting Engine version 2. And we’re really excited about that as it allows to elegantly model credit notes and bunch of other features.

This is a huge project for us. We started in several months ago and over the next two months we are moving the Xero application over to the new engine. A great thing about SaaS is that we can do significant changes like this without our end customers even knowing. They’ll just see great new features.

We’re pretty excited about this project as it provides the platform for many things we have in the pipeline.

So I hope that explains what’s up. Handily it provides some positive pressure for our development team.

We appreciate your patience.


2 September 2008 #


Thanks for the quick and informative reply. I will see if we can keep shoving the credit notes to the back of the pile for the next two months ! And there was me thinking a credit note was only an invoice with a negative value in it :-)


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