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More mobile

Xero now works on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices as well as your iPhone.

You can access Xero mobile at

We’ve added a few new features like:

  • Contact Groups
  • You can now drill into your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable to see the biggest and oldest invoices
  • All user roles within Xero can now access Xero Mobile

We’re still tweaking the Windows Mobile styles.  Let us know if you have any problems.

On the BlackBerry, the standard browser doesn’t easily allow us to make things pretty but if you download OperaMini (, you’ll have a great experience.

Let us know what else you want in Xero mobile.


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2 September 2008 #

it works on my treo – that is, I must say, pretty cool!

[…] goes more mobile… Web-based accounting just got more mobile than before – Xero has just announced they have added support for Windows Mobile (Internet Explorer Mobile) and BlackBerry (Opera […]

17 October 2008 #

Will you be doing an update to allow it to work on Nokia phones?

18 October 2008 #

Very cool mobile app. Off topic question – Does anyone do their vehicle logbook electronically? ie using GPS (Navman), Windows Mobile or iPhone/Other?? My manual logbook is painful!

19 October 2008 #

Opera works on Nokia!

Rod Drury
19 October 2008 #

If anyone in Wellington has a Nokia and wants to come in we’ll have a look.

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