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Financial Tools for Clubs

This week SPARC (Sport & Recreation New Zealand) posted a video about financial tools for clubs on their website (you can watch it here below).

Paula Brown, Business Manager for Sports Auckland, goes into detail about why she highly recommends Xero: it’s easy, everything is online so even if you change personnel there’s no complicated handover to deal with, and of course the time and cost savings.

I work with a lot of different clubs, not just sport clubs, and they’re all talking about those exact same benefits.


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Ben Kepes
9 September 2008 #

Man – how much did you guys pay to get Xero colour co-ordinated chairs in that vid?

Chris Werry
12 September 2008 #

One of the problems faced by voluntary organisations is the cost of audit fees. The audit for our local community toy library costs $2,500 – over 20% of our subscription revenue. Perhaps Xero could bundle this

Retired accountants and local firms used to provide this service for free or at a heavily discounted rate. However, new audit rules and a reduced sense of community responsibility means they no longer do this. Despite this, funding organisations still expect audited accounts and voluntary treasurers need the protection an audit provides.

Perhaps Xero could work with their professional partners to put together a bundle for voluntary organisations that included both the software and an annual audit.

12 September 2008 #

With Xero being online the auditor can very quickly logon and look though the details behind the numbers. This saves hours of time and will materially reduce your audit costs.

We also are hearing that with the books being online, the entire committee can check what’s going on. There is much more visibility so the need for an audit is reduced.

Glad you raised this, another great reason whey Xero is good for community groups. We’ll forward your suggestion around our partners.

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