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100th Xero certified partner

The Business Success Group recently attended and passed our tests to become the latest company to receive Xero certification.  We are very pleased to have rocketed to this 100th milestone over the past 3 months, and we’re especially happy to reach that milestone with a company of accountants who truly understand the value of Xero.

Their niche is around supporting entrepreneurial businesses or those in startup mode, and they see Xero as being a powerful tool in delivering business advice on top of traditional accounting services.  Most businesses in startup mode clearly need to keep a tight rein on finances. The real-time nature of Xero means that growing businesses are right on top of their financial position – now, not at the end of the month.   Not many small businesses can afford bookkeepers to keep manual systems up to date, so Xero nicely provides this critical service.

I know its sounds obvious, but it’s really important for small businesses to keep their financial position up to date, they just don’t have the deep pockets to ride out bad debtors and creditors. So in addition to being operationally efficient, the up side is that your business can produce accurate and immediate business reports on your cash position or P&L.  Why is that an up side? Most small businesses generally need to raise money or get credit for something sooner than they think, so being able to quickly show a prospective investor, bank or a finance company where your finances are at – quickly, efficiently and affordably, definitely reflects well.

Would you invest in someone who has their finger on the pulse, or one who says “I’ll get back to you”?

Upcoming Xero certification training dates

All run from 9am to 1pm, please contact your account manager if you’d like to attend:

08/10 Wellington (fully booked)
15/10 Auckland

06/11 Christchurch
12/11 Wellington

09/12 Auckland
10/12 Wellington


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