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Xero on Rails

I’m one of the developers working in the engine room at Xero. Recently, I’ve been doing some work on the Xero Network, which is our API (Application Programming Interface) that lets different software solutions exchange data with Xero. For instance, a project management system can exchange data with your Xero account so your contacts are all in sync, your account codes come across and the invoices you create will automatically appear in Xero.

These software connections help make your life easier, it automatically keeps your accounts up-to-date, and it eliminates data-entry errors.

For software developers, we currently publish information on how to use the API with Microsoft’s .Net programming language. However, I wanted to build something in Ruby, another popular programming language. So I spent a day coming up with a few examples of using Ruby to connect with Xero.

I’ve posted my Ruby examples over on my personal blog. Have a play with it and please let us know how you’d like to use the API. We’re always looking for useful ways to connect Xero with other software.


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