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Where do you do your accounting?

This might be fun.  Send us a photo of where you use Xero.  We’ll come up with a prize for the best photo.

So far AdamB is winning …

Catherine & Craig bank rec’ing at Hong Kong Airport …

Update 29 August

Torn between good taste and pride.  A hammock in Honduras.


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27 August 2008 #

Hmm… Not sure you guys really want a photo of me on the toilet =]

27 August 2008 #

No photo, but I did my accounting in a dodgy Rwandan Internet cafe last month. Sad, (because I was on holiday) but cool that it was possible. (but not as cool as the Gorillas)

Philip Fierlinger
29 August 2008 #

True. You can spare us the toilet shots. Thanks.

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