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New release: Grid layout, price lists, bulk actions, lots more

Here’s a quick summary of the changes to Xero in today’s release:

  • A new grid layout for invoices: makes invoices faster to write and easier to read
  • Price List Items: choosing from a standard list of items you sell reduces what you need to type and what you need to remember
  • Bulk actions for invoices: process many invoices at once
  • Plus a long list of customer requests
  • Plus a wide range of performance enhancements

Get all the details in the release notes.

As always, we’d love your feedback on this release and what you’d like to see in future releases.


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Galen King
5 August 2008 #

Guys, well done!

This is fantastic and something we’ve been waiting for for some time. Keep up the great work.

Cheers, Galen

Tracey MacKenzie
5 August 2008 #

This is great and I am sure it will see an increase in customers taking up Xero.

Paul Lattimore
5 August 2008 #


It may be that I just haven’t worked out how, but I’d like to see a set percentage allocation option for certain invoices.

When working from home for example a power bill would typically be split 30:70 (30% business, code xxxx & 70% drawings, code yyyy) regardless of the size of the bill. Rent / Mortgage, phone bills etc would also fall into this category.



Ben Kepes
5 August 2008 #

@Paul – that’s a really good idea – would be way useful for me – even better would be the ability to include extra non business related bank account and split payments from those account as you give in your example. ie – I pay my power from my personal account, imagine if xero could show that account and I could flag my power bill transaction as work related and have it automagically add a 30% (or whatever) expense claim of the total value

Rod Drury
5 August 2008 #

Those are good ideas. We have a body of work planned out where we would add features such as those described. Not imminent but we’ll get there.

Martin Gatehouse
7 August 2008 #


Grid layout is ok in principle, but its a backwards step if you have to enter qty =1 all the time now to get your costs in..

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