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Going for gold

Four years on from the Olympic games in Athens and I’m back at the Olympics. I can’t help but think of the stress and pressure that is starting to weigh heavily on the athletes as they count down to Friday for the opening of the games in Beijing.

Since I retired from sport I’ve been working at Xero. Accounting software was not something I thought I would be doing when I retired from chasing an Olympic gold medal. However, in so many ways, what I am doing today is really very similar. To put it simply, I’m still part of a team aiming to win on the world stage. This is what I’ve done for the past 15 years and for everyone working at Xero we dream of a similar goal.

This year I’m in Beijing helping the team, mainly working with the athletes and getting them to the startline in the best possible shape, mentally and physically. It’s a bloody hard place to relax and let all the training fall into place, however this is what needs to be done to let your body and mind achieve the best result.

My mission at Xero is really the same: help business owners get clarity, to focus on achieving the best result. One year into my role at Xero, it’s fantastic to contribute to the success of so many small businesses.


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