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Acclipse partnership

Posted 10 years ago in Advisors by Rod Drury
Posted by Rod Drury

We’re delighted to announce today our partnership with Acclipse.

Acclipse is a passionate company, like Xero, who specialise in Practice Management Systems for Accountants. They have a long history in this space and they’re pretty good at it, having over 1000 practices using their software across New Zealand and Australia.

Over the last year we’ve been listening to, and working with, accountants to ensure that their requirements for a client side accounting system are built into Xero. We heard loud and clear how important it is that the client side accounting system can link into the the tools they use to run their practice, do tax, allocate work, document management etc.

Acclipse have been investing heavily in that side of accounting. As we got to know them we saw that they shared our vision for reinventing accounting. We quickly identified lots of opportunities where we could make our software work together to dramatically improve the way accountants work with their customers. Exchanging of data between client accounting software and Practice Management is such a painful area where there has been minimal innovation. We’re excited about the things we can do.

We think we’ve demonstrated to our accounting partners that we listen and we deliver. So we’re announcing this partnership now so that accountants can start thinking about integrating Xero and Acclipse into their practice for the next financial year.

Over the next month we’ll announce a joint roadshow where Xero and Acclipse will share our vision with the accounting community on the future of accounting.

Full release below ….Award-winning online accounting provider Xero and Acclipse, a leading Australasian accounting practice supplier, have formed an innovative new partnership.

The partnership will see the seamless integration of Xero’s client accounting software with Acclipse’s web-based practice management and tax software, to provide a complete solution for accounting firms.

Traditionally there has been a significant manual process for accountants to take a limited set of data from a small business’ accounting system into their practice client accounting software. This partnership will deliver a much deeper level of integration between the two systems, providing significant gains in efficiency, as well as new opportunities for accountants.

The work programme will be rolled out progressively in time for the key accounts changeover period at the end of the financial year with further integration being delivered through 2009.

Xero CEO Rod Drury said it was an exciting development for the future of the accounting industry.

“Acclipse shares our vision of making it easier for small businesses to be successful, and empowering accountants to be the trusted adviser to small business,” Mr Drury said.

“For accounting software to be successful, it must meet the needs of the small business owner, as well as integrate into the workflow of professional accounting firms. This partnership accelerates that process,” he said.

Acclipse CEO Mike Chisholm and Chairman David Brown said they were delighted to be working with the Xero team.

“By linking what Xero is doing on the client side with the software accountants use for running their practice, it will create a compelling offering that has the potential to revolutionise the accounting profession,” Mr Chisholm said.

“We’ve always thought the next generation of software will be online. It’s great to be working with another leading New Zealand firm to provide a comprehensive solution for the accounting profession. We’re impressed with the progress Xero has made,” he said.

About Acclipse
Acclipse was founded in 2002 by shareholders and staff who had earlier created CA-Systems (practice management, tax and client accounting software), which was acquired by MYOB in 1999 along with the Accountants’ Office suite of software. The Acclipse product range for accountants, includes full workflow driven practice management, web management, document management, tax (planned release 09), value-add client accounting (cashflow budgeting and benchmarking), outsourcing and fee financing. Acclipse has more than 1,000 accounting practices and 8,000 users of its solutions across New Zealand and Australia.

About Xero
Xero is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and builds the world’s easiest to use online accounting system for small businesses. Founded in 2006 Xero has become the clear leader in accounting software delivered over the internet and its award-winning software is being used by thousands of small businesses in New Zealand and the UK.


August 28, 2008 at 12.42 pm

Would be nice to see it integrated with popular Web Content Management System (CMS) with Shopping Cart built-in. So it will easy for someone to set up online website with online accounting working in the back ground along side with inventory module.

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Tony Rule
August 28, 2008 at 6.08 pm


We’re running a pilot with our first shopping cart partner (Dremus) at the moment. Quite a few other Xero Network shopping cart solutions aren’t too far away either – we’ll announce more on these as they go live.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what shopping cart systems you want to have integrated with Xero.


Emily Coltman
August 28, 2008 at 7.02 pm

Further to Dennis’s post, will it be possible to “close off” a year end so that the client can’t put in any more transactions to that year once the accounts have been finalised?

I can’t be the only accountant who’s had to contend with clients putting a swathe of invoices into a desktop package after the year end accounts have been done 🙂


Emily Coltman
August 29, 2008 at 3.16 am

That’s a very useful safeguard.

Thanks for the mention Rod.


Richard Adams
August 28, 2010 at 4.07 am

Bit late to the discussion, but what is the chance of Acclipse bringing their Online Practice Management & Tax software to the UK?

How great would that be, I could drop my current desktop software and run my practice on the web, streamlined, efficient and provide my clients with greater support.

Surely that’s what it should be about?

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