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Westpac bank feeds are now available

We have great news for Westpac customers – you can now have your bank account transactions automatically imported into Xero every day. All you need to do is fill out the authority form and we will work with Westpac on your behalf to get your bank feeds started.

Please note there is a $25 (GST inclusive) establishment fee per authority form which we are passing on. This will be included on your Xero subscription invoice once the feeds have been successfully set up.

Westpac is the latest bank to offer automatic bank feeds via Xero. For more information on setting up automated feeds please select your bank: ASB, ANZ, the Bank of New Zealand, Kiwibank, National Bank, TSB Bank or Westpac.

ASBBNZKiwibankNational Bank


This is a big milestone for us. Xero now has daily bank feeds available for virtually every small business in New Zealand.


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Campbell Yule
17 July 2008 #

Extremely annoyed to find Westpac charging $25 per account. I use Xero for 4 companies and 5 banks. Westpac are the only people to charge!


Michael L
17 July 2008 #

Is this going to be available in the UK any time soon? this looks like it will save a lot of processing time!

Stuart Maxwell
17 July 2008 #

Do the other banks also charge a $25 fee, or is this just a Westpac tax?

Hamish Edwards
17 July 2008 #

We are talking to most of the main banks in the UK. As you can imagine, they are very big banks and are careful about these kinds of decisions. Rest assured we are working with them. I cannot say when we will have the service, but we are speaking with them. If you want to help, tell your bank about us and the daily bank feed service we have in New Zealand.
Cheers, Hamish

Jon Houldsworth
20 July 2008 #

Fantastic just as business is about to kick off for me, I was dreading having to manually retrieve statements all the time. I’m printing my form now! :) $25 is a shame but it’s certainly not going to stop me, my other account with National is feeding live and it’s SO much easier.

25 July 2008 #

This is rather disappointing that Westpac can be off the pace compared to every other bank in New Zealand… They have just created a barrier between themselves and new small businesses that have decided that they will use Xero but have yet to decide on which bank they will use…

Westpac customers, please contact Westpac to complain about this fee before you set up your feed!

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Clem Devine
4 August 2008 #

I would advise Westpac customers to call Westpac and ask them directly why they are charging $25 to set up the Xero service, when other banks are not. I use Westpac for personal banking, their online accounts normally attract no or very low fees (compared with National for example). These guys make a lot of money out your money, don’t settle for this.

Rod Drury
5 August 2008 #

Please note that to be technically correct, Xero is being charged a fee that we are passing through to our customers with no markup.

Sam Johnston
4 November 2008 #

Any plans to add the Commonwealth Bank of Australia to the list?


4 November 2008 #

I would be interested in the Xero system but I can’t move across until St George would be on the list of banks its compatible with

Michelle Perera
4 November 2008 #

Hi Sam

Very shortly we’ll be announcing who the first two banks providing bank feeds in Australia are. We appreciate our customers are keen to know so we are working hard to finalise all the details with the respective banks so we can announce them in the next week or so.


19 December 2008 #

Hi Michelle, any word on those banks yet?

Rod Drury
19 December 2008 #

Hi Michael. In Australia we have ANZ live now, NAB next week. More following.


4 February 2010 #

Is westpac still charging a $25 fee? I can’t find any mention in the help which makes me think it’s now free?

Matt Barnett
5 February 2010 #

Hi Tristan, the $25 fee no longer applies, see our overview for NZ banks here:$BK_BankFeeds


24 June 2010 #

Why don’t you guys at Xero life your game? ANX Money Manager can get feeds from ALL banks… where are you going wrong?

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