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Network Effects

Earlier this year we launched the Xero Network. In addition to letting you send and receive invoices directly with other Xero users, the Xero Network can exchange transaction data with other software.

You can visit our Solutions page to get info on the different applications that currently connect with Xero and how to set them up – including solutions for payroll, project management, ecommerce, and many more in the pipeline. With these connections you get extended functionality that makes it much easier and faster to process transactions, while reducing error prone data re-entry.

Please let us know if there’s a particular software app that you’d like to see connected with Xero.


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1 July 2008 #

is there are general purpose api available yet ?

Craig Walker
2 July 2008 #

Currently we’re not offering a public API – we see ourselves as part of an ecosystem of SaaS products and right now we’re very focused on being the default accounting engine in this ecosystem. Having said that we’re interested in hearing from anyone that wants to be a Xero Network Partner and integrate with us – to learn more about the Xero Network and becoming a partner you can email for more information.

What exactly would you like to do with Xero?

10 July 2008 #

primarily generation of invoices, from some of the websites i have worked on, not a product that i sell in particular, that is why i haven’t bothered to contact via your partner network (sounds more like you are after companies with established products, aka payroll)

i would also be interested in stock control (e-commerce integration) later on down the track once you have support for that

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