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Companies Office promotes online

It is great to see that the New Zealand Companies Office are taking a leadership position and making it compulsory to file various documents via their online services.  They have even produced a podcast to help their customers to understand the changes.

This move saves costs for the Companies Office, reduces paper and speeds up the processing time.   It also makes compliance with company law easier and will save money for business owners.   With the increased availability of broadband, new software and new hardware all provided at highly accessible costs, the cost/value benefits to business owners are clear.  

This is the way to do business and it is the way that more business will be done in the future. The New Zealand Companies Office have always been at the forefront of smart technology use and as we understand are the blue print for many overseas Companies Offices.  We understand that many New Zealand government and NGOs are considering and implementing sensible changes to make doing business online easier and more accessible. We applaud these decisions.

To see more, follow the link to the Companies Office: Important changes to the way you do business with the companies office


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Glen Barnes
25 June 2008 #

I do like it that the Companies Office is moving more online but I would LOVE it if they updated their Java based company search. That thing is horrible! Please Companies Office if you are reading this can you bring this into this century and make it useful?

Thanks for the positive feedback Xero Team (and we love the SaaS model too! Good news is on the horizon for the Java based search issue. The Companies Office has commenced our ‘Enterprise’ project which will see a complete refresh of our core application (which is as old as an old thing at the back end).

We are currently working on usability. The project aims to deliver a new experience for our users in mid 2009.

Feel free to suggest other ideas for improvement via the feedback section of our website – or here in this great blog.

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