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10 ways to get started with Xero

Sometimes it’s hard to try out an accounting system, so we’ve developed an excercise of 10 things you can try on the Xero demo site to learn how things work and help you evaluate Xero.

10 suggestions for trying Xero using the Demo Company

They are

  1. Adding a sales invoice
  2. Emailing yourself the invoice
  3. Adding a bank account
  4. Importing a bank statement
  5. Reconciling you bank account
  6. Reviewing aged receivables
  7. Printing a statement for a customer
  8. Viewing a Profit & Loss report
  9. Exporting a report to Excel, a pdf or GoogleDocs
  10. Inviting another user into your organisations

These are common things that people do every day with Xero so a great way to give us a run through.

You can sign up for the free demo here.


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