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Comments in Bank Reconciliation

Not sure how to code a transaction? Have a question about a transaction? Want to explain a transaction in more detail?

No worries. Just click on the comments tab, write in your comments and click save. Now your accountant (or other people you’ve invited to use Xero) can see your comments and help you sort things out.

In fact, we’ve created a new user role, Cash Manager, for people who only want to add comments in bank reconciliation – letting somebody else do all the rest. We’ll explain more about this next week.

Other Small (but useful) Improvements

In addition to the new Cash Manager role, we’ve added an Employee role. You can read more about the Employee role here.

There’s a new End of Year Lock Date for accountants to lock accounts once your end of year has been finalised.

We’ve fine tuned automatic matching in bank reconciliation. It now matches based on date as well as amount.

On the Dashboard, the Money Coming In and Money Going Out graphs get some minor improvements, plus we now show the total value of draft and overdue invoices with links to chase things up.

One more thing. We’ve added a one-click button to invite and remove Customer Care into your organisation.

For complete details regarding today’s release please have a read of our release notes.


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