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Target Accountants offering Xero-powered ‘OnLine’ service

In the UK, we’ve been working with Top-30 firm Target Accountants who have taken Xero and put it with their accounting services as a monthly fixed fee package they have called ‘OnLine’.

The thinking behind OnLine is to take away all the hassle of admin and provide consultancy and compliance in one go.  It’s proving popular and Target has already switched existing clients to this service; it’s helping them to attract new clients too.

Andrew Sandiford, Head of Business Advisory and Assurance at Target, explains why having Xero to power OnLine is essential:

“Xero is fantastic for us, as it means we can offer ‘real-time’ advice, basing our recommendations on the up-to-date financial data we can see. Using Xero we can offer the monitoring services of an FD to companies that could not afford that level of expertise otherwise.”

Target explain more about the OnLine service here. We think OnLine is a great example of how an accounting firm can take Xero and make it part of a new and different service to clients.


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