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iPhone people have all the fun

Fresh from the Xero labs, we’re very pleased to announce a customised version of Xero for iPhone (and iPod Touch). It’s never been easier to have your accounts on hand.

Xero for iPhone gives you an overview of the accounts for every organisation you manage. See all your bank balances, recent transactions and who owes you money. You can even call any contact with a single tap.

Xero for iPhone is available immediately to all Xero customers at no extra charge. Simply login at It’s also available for anyone to try for free by simply signing up to Xero.

Please have a play and tell us what you think. What else would you want from Xero on your iPhone?


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Colin Campbell
23 May 2008 #

Pretty Cool – been using on my iTouch. nice work

Nik Wakelin
23 May 2008 #

This is pretty cool! I can see my bank balances and accounts recieveable on the go.

Looks good too :) Everything is nice and big and easy to touch on the iPhone.

Thanks guys!

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23 May 2008 #

You guys have all the fun!

23 May 2008 #

Good call and good timing. Now to get those cash registers pinging an IRD compliant tax e-receipt to attach to the expense record and I might finally get my expense reconciliation done on time …

Miraz Jordan
23 May 2008 #

Looks gorgeous on my iPod touch. Very nice. Thank you.

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Brian H
24 May 2008 #

Today was the day Xero made accounting sexy

24 May 2008 #

Why not other mobile browsers? iPhones account for a tiny percentage of smartphones in the world, but i guess they are the hyped ones right now.

Ben Kepes
24 May 2008 #

You saw it here first –


Good work guys!

24 May 2008 #

@chris The iPhone might currently account for a small part of the handset market, but it’s growing fast and going global.

If you look beyond the handset stats and focus on mobile web traffic, the iPhone has already surpassed and is easily dominating all other mobile phone browsers combined. Think what will happen when it dominates the handset market like the iPod.

We designed for iPhone because it finally delivers a usable mobile web experience. Plus, we don’t have to do massive re-tooling to get it to work. It’s a browser and a platform we can work with, not work against.


Xero, Head of Design

Colin Jackson
24 May 2008 #

Cool! That’s going to be sooo useful. Great work, guys and girls.


[…] an iPhone interface to Xero obviously makes a lot of sense.  It’s a web application but optimized for iPhone delivery. […]

24 May 2008 #

Quick update: I got some flack from our head Crackberry at Xero for making it sound like we’re only ever going to support the iPhone.

The iPhone version is really a test bed for us to see where things can go with mobile and Xero.

We would love to hear what other mobile platforms you think we should support?

26 May 2008 #

Accountants are going to have iPhones!

26 May 2008 #

For all those iPhone doubters out there check out these iPhone users stats posted 3rd April 2008

As well as the expected iPhone user market (2009) here

[…] I’ve been sceptical about putting financial clients onto this device I can see the utility. As the company says in its blog post: Xero for iPhone gives you an overview of the accounts for every organisation you manage. See all […]

Stephen Carr
28 May 2008 #

Would love to see this on the Microsoft mobile platform, as the iphone is not for me.

29 May 2008 #

would love the ability to email a pdf invoice from the mobile page (so if I am with a client I can send unpaid inovices to them instantly)

Craig Walker
30 May 2008 #

@Stephen Should work on almost any mobile platform. Few tweaks to do for mobile IE – but give it a go and let us know what we need to do.

@Brett Yep – we’ll be adding more features to our mobile version over time.

30 May 2008 #

Would love to have mobile access on Symbian S60 platform, using Nokia N95 and it rocks.

22 June 2008 #

I have just signed up for Xero, and will be replacing all my company handsets with iPhones on the 11’th.

The big question is, when will I be able to invoice from my iPhone?

(Preferably yesterday!)

[…] are planning on making an appearance with their iPhones so you can get a chance to see the iPhone version of Xero […]

Stephen Carr
2 July 2008 #

@Craig – Yes I can log in on my Ipaq, but and can navigate about my bank accounts and contacts, but cant get into the accounts section to invoice etc. Im assuming that there is a drop down menu that my mobile IE can not handle?

14 July 2008 #

Tried this out on IE for Windows mobile and was pooped. But ran it on the Iris Web Browser by Torch Mobile on WM6 and was able to use it just as if i was using an iphone. But I would love the ability to do invoices from my phone!

14 July 2008 #

@James have you tried accessing rather than

[…] very similar to the Xero for iPhone version, letting you see your account balances and recent transactions. It also lets you transfer money […]

[…] week after the 3G iPhone went on sale around the globe we have NZ iPhone specific sites appearing. Xero announced there’s 2 months ago and now Kiwibank have launched one. I can’t imagine they […]

31 July 2008 #

Interface is nice, quite cut down though, as has previously been mentioned the ability to send invoices would be super, that’s what I’m *really* hanging for!
How awesome would that be, you’re at a clients place, you do X hours of work, and invoice them on the spot for Y amount!

Philip Fierlinger
31 July 2008 #

If we were to provide the ability to do a single line item invoice would that be sufficient?

Jo – UP
7 August 2008 #

Looking forward to seeing Xero’s iPhone app and discussion at GGG on the 13th….?

13 September 2008 #

philip I need to do multiline invoices with my iPhone thanks

25 January 2009 #

I love it! I will transfer my data from Quick Books Pro as soon as you can provide me with Canadian Payroll–of course, just like an Income Tax Return, the bureaucrats make it too complicated so one is forced to use a computer program.

I would also like you to add–for the iphone version, the ability to take a picture of an invoice payable or receipt to document a transaction.

The Iphone software for something like this is

But putting the data right into the company books with the electronic receipt is super!

Great work!

Rod Drury
26 January 2009 #

Hi Boyd, great ideas. We’re not likely to do Canadian payroll ourselves but if you point us to a Canadian web based payroll provider we’d happily make contact to work with them.

Tim Simpson
23 February 2009 #

How can accounting be better than doing bank reconciliations while laying on the grass outside on a beautiful sunny Wellington day… Who needs an office any more!

Robert Roskam
18 March 2009 #

Very nice design. As an App developer, I applaud on good work. Shameless plug: if you want a basic financial calculator, though, try out BisCal. (Yes, my company makes it.)

Mike Bridge
21 April 2009 #

Was there any more movement on connecting to a Canadian Payroll web service? We don’t use one but we’d sure like to move in that direction.

Betting on mobile
27 May 2009 #

Hi there

My business is a recent convert to Xero – love it despite hating accounting! Do you have any plans to allow the addition of expenses through the mobile version? I like Xero because it means I can do business finances “little and often” rather than fearing the pile of paper every month/quarter.

So the ability to fall out of restaurant after a boozy client lunch and add the receipt to xero on the way back to the office really appeals to me for some reason…

Seriously – it is the one “little and often” transaction that I would need in a mobile version. Not that I spend my time having boozy lunches.



Philip Fierlinger
29 May 2009 #

@Brian yes we are working on it.

Thanks for the feedback and I really like how you describe your “little and often” process.

Brett Wignall
14 June 2009 #

Nice start, but would be better with a snapshot of this month’s actual and budget sales, expenses and profit.

13 August 2009 #

I’m just playing around with the iPhone version after winning one from Magnum Mac at WordCamp this weekend. It was great to meet some of the Xero crew there.

Any chance for an iphone/iPod touch app for those not constantly online? It would allow basic money in/money out transactions and sync with the web version when you’re online again?

Ferris Wren
18 August 2009 #

Any update?

“Philip Fierlinger on 29 May 2009:

@Brian yes we are working on it.

Thanks for the feedback and I really like how you describe your “little and often” process.”

It’s the cash expenses that the iphone can really help with. Bank and credit card data can be downloaded, but those cab and subway fares and cheap lunches and miscellaneous supplies on the run are just made for the mobile application. Thanks.

Andrew Butel
18 August 2009 #

Ferris & Craig – would you prefer to be able to enter expenses via your iPhone, or not have to enter them at all and have Xero auto-code them?

We’re working on improved bank reconciliation rules and with daily bank feeds in Xero then you can spend less time doing data entry and more time playing flight control.

Ferris Wren
18 August 2009 #


Auto-code the downloaded transactions for sure, but if I use cash for cab fare, I’ve got to enter the transaction, no?

27 September 2009 #

If Xero could come up with a fully integrated Iphone app then I am sold, and I am sure a great many others would be also.

Being able to enter a multi line invoice, and receive payments on the go is essential though. At the moment one of the competitors seem to be offering this on their Iphone app, however Xero is far more appealing overall. Were these additional features added I’m sure the legions of users would grow.

I would like to be able to enter/pay accounts payable invoices, and other day-to-day duties while on the go also.

I concur with the above comments regarding being able to enter little and often, as this offers tremendous convenience and flexibility to other small business users.

Is there any news on when we can expect future Iphone updates, and what we can expect with them? I’m sure there are many other potential users who would like to know if and (roughly) when these features will be integrated, before going ahead and switching to Xero.

21 October 2009 #

Question 1 to Xero: Is there a fully fledged iPhone app in the pipeline?

Question 2 to iPhone Xero-ers (XeroX?): Is there much interest out there for a full app?

General Comment: If one has to use an accounting system Xero guarantees a smile… QB & MYOB have missed the boat

Omar Kassim
27 October 2009 #

I would love a full featured Xero iPhone App. While the current web interface is very nice, it would be great to be able to use the entire system directly from your phone including reporting!

Clarence PC
14 November 2009 #

I couldn’t agree more with those who suggest that a full integration with xero for iPhone and windows mobile would be invaluable to my operations. I am just now migrating to xero as it is far superior to QB 2009-10. Keep up the great work and you will certainly keep my business, especially with the personal edition and the plan to integrate that with business functions. Love it! FYI – I am based in the US. You should really do some advertising here because I think you would gain considerable marketshare.

12 December 2009 #

Currently looking at moving all our accounts over to Xero, and the the one feature I feel is missing to make this perfect is recording expenses on the go on via the Phone mobile site or app. Recording expenses each quarter is the bain of any small business and on the go inputs would make this software essential. Is this in the pipeline guys? If so we’ll be switching for sure.

Rod Drury
12 December 2009 #

Fair call. Our expense claims features are due for some love and attention which we’ll get to in a program of work scheduled for next year.

Expenses is a great scenario for a mobile app. We’re not planning to invest our valuable dev resources into a mobile app right now so if any iPhone or BlackBerry developers want to do it please let us know and we’ll work with you on getting the API features you need.

Or if anyone wants to join our team and write mobile apps we’d be happy to have a chat. We’re still looking for senior dev’s across the board for a number of exciting projects:


13 December 2009 #

Hi Rod, I have a NZ based iPhone and Android dev company – I’d be keen to partner with Xero to see what sort of mobile app ideas we could develop with your API – how am I best to get in touch with you to see how this could work?

Catherine Walker
13 December 2009 #

Hey Marcus – would be best if you contacted & our API Product Manager will be in touch. Thanks!

14 December 2009 #

No problem. We would want to talk to someone more than just the API people (no offense) in order to do something like this properly. Business Development Manager?

6 February 2010 #

Create invoices ?

Catherine Walker
6 February 2010 #

Hi Albert – no not yet, just email any existing awaiting payment invoices. Good to know what you’d be interested in as we work on the priorities for the next round of development on this.


2 March 2010 #

android support?? timeframe??

Philip Fierlinger
2 March 2010 #

@GM – works the same on Android as it does on iPhone. Have you tried it out?

Or were you asking about a native app? As it stands, we don’t offer a native app for any mobile platform.

5 March 2010 #

Just putting in my vote for a native iPhone app.

I currently use Freshbooks with with the iPhone app “Minibooks” and it works great. My favorite iPhone productivity app bar none. Prefer to put together an invoice with it on my iPhone, I do it in my coffee break because it’s fun! Love it! And it syncs to Xero which is great, although another subscription needed to Fresbooks, just for this iPhone app convenience.

The mobile version of Xero doesn’t quote cut it at the moment, a dedicated app with expense logging in particular would be awesome. Marcus, they so need your help. Please see Minibooks for inspiration.

[…] Xero […]

Alan Jones
9 March 2010 #

I’d love this to migrate to a proper iPhone app so it can store data locally and doesn’t have to find a web connection and I don’t have to key in my secure-but-lengthy alphanum password.

I’ll also chime in for the need for fast expense input with the ability to snap a photo of a receipt so there’s fewer folders of receipts collecting dust in corners. I use XpenseTrkr for that at the moment and it doesn’t integrate with Xero but taking photos of receipts is really useful.

A proper iPhone app could also make use of iPhone notifications to let you know of other users’ activity, accounts hitting pre-set balances, etc.

Anne Thomson
11 March 2010 #

I would like to create an invoice, accept card or cash payment and issue a receipt connect to simple accounts package by laptop + gizmo that can print invoices
Can you do this please with xero + iphone? Anne

Rod Drury
11 March 2010 #

Keep an eye out for some great partners who are working on this problem right now. Cheers Rod

Anne Thomson
11 March 2010 #

I would like to create an invoice, accept card or cash payment and issue a receipt plus connect to simple accounts package by laptop + gizmo that can print invoices
Can you do this please with xero + iphone? Anne

Brad Foster
9 May 2010 #

I would like to create invoices, accept credit cards, and email invoices/receipts like quickbooks online lets you do

Brad Down
26 May 2010 #

I have been looking for a really simple personal finance and budgeting package. Xero looks the business but would be great to have live feeds like ANZ Money Manager. It would be also great to get alerts when you are exceeding your budget goals.

An iPhone version would also be awesome. What is the most frustrating thing about tracking your personal finances is all the little things you pay for with cash. Coffees, lunches, beers etc. It would be great to have an app that you could input these as you spend the money and the cash amounts attributed to the relevant cash withdrawal from your bank account by date.

This way you could categorise your cash expenses on the fly and build a lot more accurate picture.

Keep up the good work, Xero is the business.

4 August 2010 #

Another hand up for Android. In the meantime, any reason why personal accounts can’t be accessed through the mobile site? It seems to only display the business account…

Ben Goudie-Park
17 August 2010 #

Hi All, GeoOP ( has just been an approved partner with Xero. For the iPhone you can download the iPhone app, create jobs, add photos, signatures and yes, invoices! This can be then pushed in to Xero with a few clicks of the mouse.

We have a mobile version which will be getting the invoice version in a few weeks for all other smart phones. We are hoping to release a full Android version later this year.

Gordon Anslow
16 January 2011 #

In my plumbing business i would like to be able to create an invoice at the end of each get a payment from my client issue a receipt then be able to syn all the information into my office PC for accounting, tax and financial information. When can i expect to be able to do this. Currently i am running a MYOB accounting package.

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