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Break out of the back office

Desktop accounting systems are generally locked away in the back office with either a hard working bookkeeper or yourself punching in all the invoices, expense claims…everything.

We think that’s crazy!

This week we’ve added a new way for your employees to use Xero. Simply invite them in using the Employee role. Now employees can do all your data entry in Xero, giving you more time to focus on the big picture.

This is a limited-access role. People with the employee role cannot access your bank accounts, cannot see your financial data, and cannot invite in other users.

Employees can submit invoices for your approval, they can also submit expense claims, plus they can manage contacts.

This saves business owners lots of time and hassle, while your frontline employees help the business run better.

For complete details regarding today’s release please have a read of our release notes.


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[…] todays release was as important for us as we added an Employee role to our security model. A relatively small and logical addition to Xero but very significant to our […]

30 May 2008 #

xero is growing…

So I tend to surf the net a bit when I’m bored – and one of the sites/companies that I’ve been watching for a while is Xero.
Xero – for those not in the know – is a SaaS accounting application created by Rod Drury. Only it is growing into …

31 May 2008 #

How about an Auditor role.

This role would have read-only access to all areas, with no ability to imput transactions

1 June 2008 #

Good idea. We’re looking at a Director type role which is the same type of access. i.e. Read through the transactions, add notes but can’t change things.

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