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The Xero Network – Xero-to-Xero transactions

Which customers and suppliers do you deal with who are also using Xero? Ask them.

We’ve created another way for you to save time using Xero – introducing the Xero Network, which allows Xero to connect to online services to send and receive data.

To begin with, you will be able to use the Xero Network to send and receive invoices with other organisations that also use Xero, by using a series of “keys” – we’ve called these Xero-to-Xero transactions.

All you need to do is send your ‘unique key’ to your customers and suppliers within Xero.

Invoices that you receive via the Xero Network will be saved in your accounts payable or accounts receivable drafts tab – just process them in the same way you would a draft. You can view these AP or AR drafts on your dashboard.

To send invoices out to other organisations using Xero, they must have sent you their ‘unique key’. Then enter their key into the Contact details that you have for them in Xero.

Pretty soon there will be other online services that you will be able to establish similar secure links with in the Xero Network.

Contact improvements

You’ll notice a few changes to Contacts. Now, all your contacts are organised into All, Customers and Suppliers tabs. Customers are contacts you have sent accounts receivable invoices to, and suppliers are those who have sent you accounts payable invoices.

You can now delete contacts that you no longer use and merge their transactions with another contact. This is good for eliminating duplicates.

For each of your contacts, you can view all their details at once, including payment details such as money owed, any overdue amounts, how quickly you pay them, or they you, and what you have spent with them or received from them over the past 12 months. This has replaced the Contact card that used to show their contact details and any outstanding balances.


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