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Keeping up the pace

We were delighted to release some important new Xero features this morning, based on your valuable feedback.

Charge your customers less!

Here is a new feature added to Xero that many of our customers have been waiting patiently for – negative line items.

When entering invoices the Unit Price amount on each line can now be negative. This is helpful for anyone who wants to record the gross amount and then reduce it – discounts, returned goods, or property management fees, for example.

Repeat Invoices on weekly basis

Want to send your invoices more frequently than once a month? Now you can set your invoices to repeat more often, for example on a weekly, fortnightly as well as a monthly basis.

This is really useful for managing rental properties. You can create a rental schedule and see immediately if anyone is overdue with their rent payment.

See which of your companies have new transactions at a glance

My Xero now shows the number of unreconciled items (if any) that have been imported from your bank for each of the organisations you have set up in Xero.

It’s particularly useful for people who have multiple organisations and automated bank feeds set up within Xero as they can see all the statement lines that have been imported. Here’s more information on setting up automated bank feeds.

Depending on how many bank accounts you have for the organisation you’ll either be taken to the bank reconciliation (one bank account) or the Dashboard (multiple bank accounts) for that organisation, by clicking on the number of unreconciled items.

Many of our accounting partners are working with multiple businesses on Xero and this feature is also useful if you are running multiple entities on Xero, for example your consulting company and your investment properties.

You can get to My Xero from the top toolbar in Xero.

Who’s allowed to manage your users?

In the list of users you can now see quickly who can invite others into your organisation – these users are identifiable by having ‘+ Manage Users’ next to their permissions.


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