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Liz McCracken
8 November 2011 #

Good demonstration, but very hard to read. The small screen was too small & the full screen blury.

Graeme Falconer
9 November 2011 #

I agree very difficult to read, and I am sorry but I find the NZ accent very hard to interpret at times, the very short vowels particularly.

15 November 2011 #

same here, make the video like the others. This is much to difficult to read and follow.

Sonet Venter
2 December 2011 #

Agree with the other three. Great presentation, but would be good if Xero could improve on the quality of the video. Graeme’s comment about the Kiwi accent is also a valid one – it can be challenging :-)

7 March 2012 #

Please put captions on all videos. I can direct you to a company that can help in that regard if you wish.

Theresa Riley
7 April 2012 #

LOVE that kiwi accent!!! Sorry to see the GST is 15% though!

20 April 2012 #

Ctrl + wheel on your mouse will zoom the screen in so you can watch it as it is without it being blurry.

Sue Pak
13 August 2012 #

Thanks for your comments. We are producing some training videos with better resolution and quality which will address those issues. We also agree – local voice/accent is always better.

20 September 2012 #

Very Disturbing voice. Cant hear it properly

28 November 2012 #

Kiwi accenty is fine. What a relief that it isn’t American!

Valerie Lynn
5 January 2013 #

Sue, you can narrate every video for Xero! It’s perfectly fine and professional.

Jo King
26 January 2013 #

I find the video content to be well presented and I don’t mind the voice. I actually like it. When a presenter knows the product as well as Sue does, I can listen to any accent.

3 March 2013 #

I quite liked Sue’s voice – it was very comfortable and casual – very easy to listen to.

14 March 2013 #

You get used to any accent after awhile (lucky it’s not scottish … i can never get used to it). It seems that “File Now” button is only in NZ version, I dont see it on mine (AU). Other than that … thanks Sue!!!

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