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Easy in, easy out, and artificial intelligence

One of Xero’s new features is that you can easily download all your financial transactions into one spreadsheet.

This means it’s really easy to try Xero, and easily get all of your data out, if we don’t keep delighting you every month.

We believe this is one of the core principals of Software as a Service and we are delighted to provide you with this peace of mind.

This export was something we were able to do with our new General Ledger report, as customers were asking us for a complete set of their transactions, so they could print them out and review for common mistakes.

After talking with a few customers, one of our smartest developers Andrew Butel realised that the main purpose of this report was to identify exceptions.

Andrew went a step further and built a new report that analyses your historical transaction data to identify any abnormal items in your current month. (For the mathematically inclined, this uses a combination of fairly standard normalisation techniques.)

You can find this report as a tab inside the new General Ledger report.

We’d suggest including this report as part of your regular review of your numbers.

We’re very interested in your feedback on this feature.


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