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Chart of Accounts import, export, and much much more

Xero’s first product release of 2008 has some neat new features.

Chart of Accounts import and export

When you first set up your Chart of Accounts, you can now import your own Chart of Accounts as a CSV file. If you don’t already have a Chart of Accounts and want to use the default one that is automatically included in Xero, you have two options. Either customise it in Xero, or, export it into Excel, make any necessary changes and then re-import. In both cases you have created a template which can be used for your other organisations.

For our accounting partners this means you can start generating your own Chart of Accounts templates for different industries. If anyone feels so inclined, you can of course share your Chart of Accounts, and discuss them in Xero’s Forums.

General Ledger reports

Xero has new General Ledger and General Ledger Exceptions reports.

The General Ledger report shows all transactions across all accounts for a specified date range. The General Ledger Exceptions report shows all transactions from the General Ledger report that are out of the ordinary, based on the other transactions in that account.

Deleting duplicate statement lines

This is one that our customer support team has really pushed through, after lots of requests from customers.

You can now delete any duplicate statement lines that have been imported while performing your bank reconciliation. Just click on the ‘x’ icon on the statement line. If you accidentally delete a statement line then simply use the ‘undo’ button that is displayed when the deletion is meant to be confirmed.

User roles and permissions

Within Xero we have made some changes to our User role names and permissions.

The Administrator role has now been renamed Standard.

You can now invite users to your organisation and choose whether you want them to have the ability to invite other users or edit existing users.

We are working on adding more control of how you give users appropriate access to the Xero features, which you can expect to see in the next few months.

We have also added the new label Subscriber for the user who set up the organisation in Xero; this is typically the person that pays the monthly subscription.

Set their permissions is the place where you can specify what people can or cannot do in either the Standard or Financial Adviser roles.


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