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Next time you log in to Xero you’ll see under Recent Changes that we’ve launched a new Help Centre, and added features to the GST Return and GST Audit Trail.

The Help Centre in Xero is the place to go to if you need any sort of help with Xero. It contains a User Guide and a set of ‘How do I’ questions and answers like ‘how do I get started with Xero?’ or ‘how do I post a manual journal?’ You will also notice the addition of a Contact Support tab as another channel for customers and partners to talk to us – this is where you can ask questions or provide feedback.

You can find the Help Centre by choosing Show help for this page from the Help menu in Xero or going directly to the Help Centre using

Xero’s GST Return and GST Audit Trail features have now been extended to include a set of recommended steps to help when completing your GST Return. We have also simplified the information that you need to enter into your Return. Now you just enter your registration number and GST basis and the ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates that you are running the GST Return for – if you have previously published the GST Return, these dates will default to your next GST period.

Now you can Print, Export to Excel, Export to PDF and Publish both these reports. Publishing the GST Return and GST Audit Report saves them in your list of published reports, providing you with a snapshot for future reference.

We love getting these new features out to you – if you have any ideas or suggestions about what you’d like to see in Xero please let us know.



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