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What are automated bank feeds?

With most accounting systems, entering your bank transactions can be a very time consuming process: first you have to log in to your online banking website, download your statements, save these files to your computer and then import them to your system.

With Xero there is a better way. We work with your bank to automatically import your transactions for you every night, making painful data entry a thing of the past. We call this automated bank feeds.

Automated bank feeds are currently available through five banks: ANZ, ASB, Kiwibank, National Bank and now the BNZ.

BNZ is the latest bank to come on board with Xero. Not only can you get your bank statements fed into Xero, you can also get your credit card statements too – BNZ is the first bank that we are working with that offers this service.

Setting up your bank feeds is simple. What’s more, it’s absolutely FREE.

Click on your bank’s logo below for information about how to set up automated bank feeds:

You need to give Xero authority to set the service up on your behalf – download and complete the relevant form by clicking on your bank’s logo above.

Advantages of automated bank feeds:
Automated bank feeds eliminate the repetitive and mundane process of importing transactions from your bank.

Whenever you visit Xero your latest transactions are always available, so you can easily keep your accounts up-to-date.

You can reconcile everyday if you wish and spend just a few moments rather than hours at month’s end.


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