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Super fast bank reconciliations

The next time you use Xero you’ll notice some major improvements to bank reconciliation that we hope you enjoy. These new features eliminate a lot of your data entry – which small businesses find tedious.

When reconciling your bank statement with transactions you have entered into Xero, now in many cases, you won’t even need to leave the bank reconciliation screen.

That’s because within the bank reconciliation screen, you now have the option to match, create and transfer transactions.

When there is no matching item in Xero you can now create one on the spot – or, you can use the item that Xero suggests based on how you have reconciled in the past.

When Xero finds a match for the imported statement line it will present it to you for you to check it and then reconcile.

If Xero finds multiple transactions with the same amount you can now choose the correct match from the list of possible matches.

These bank reconciliation improvements have been driven by customer feedback. Please keep sending us your thoughts about Xero – we really appreciate your feedback about where we can make improvements.


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