Revolution Roadshow hits Whangarei

We had an excellent journey north to Whangarei from Auckland yesterday – our relationship manager Hamish Carter, executive director and Chartered Accountant Hamish Edwards, and myself.

We stopped on the way up at the Farmhouse Cafe in Orewa for some bacon and eggs, and a chat to the locals about Xero.

Hamish (I’ll have a meat pie with extra sauce) Carter got most of the attention, and even met someone who claimed to be related to him. To turn the tables a little we got Hamish Carter take photos of us, but it wasn’t long before people were taking photos of Hamish taking photos of us.

The Kingsgate Hotel in Whangarei was a fabulous little spot with a great room for us. Nothing was a problem – they even let us put up our big Xero banner right in the middle of their reception area. We knew we weren’t in a big city any longer when people started turning up 15 minutes before the event began, and almost everyone turned up on time (fantastic!).

We had a solid team of people who stayed for more than two hours and asked lots of really good questions.  Overall it was an excellent event, and we all came away thinking that there is definitely a place for Xero in Whangarei. People are genuinely interested in what we are doing.

It is also really interesting to see that accountants play a big part in the local communities, so it is key that we get our message out to these people. The largest sign we could see standing on the main street was a sign for a local chartered accounting firm.

Everyone we talk to sees an opportunity for Xero in the market and is keen to be part of the success.  It is fantastic to be on the road talking to real customers and the people who help them run their businesses.

Looking forward to the next event in the North Shore tonight!

If you’d like to join the Xero Reloution Roadshow you’ll find more information here:

See you on the road…

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