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Xero representative at Geek Olympics

I found out today I’ve been selected as the New Zealand HTML/CSS guy for FullCodePress 2007! The event is between New Zealand and Australia to build a website for a non-profit organisation.

As they say at the FullCodePress website, it’s just like geek Olympics!

I’ll be using the same skills I use here at Xero  integrating what the developers and the designers produce, to build the website, using HTML and CSS (web languages).

The competition puts the New Zealand web teams up against Australia to build a complete website within 24 hours. “No excuse, no extensions, no budget overruns.”

On August 18 I’ll fly to Australia with the other New Zealand team members to compete.

24 hours to build one website! We’ll need coffee, sugar and Red Bull to keep our eyes open, but what could be more exciting than going head-to-head with the Aussies in the geek Olympics?


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