Design insights and evolution

I’ve been invited to speak next month at UPA events in Wellington and later in Auckland.

I’ll be talking about and showing the interaction design process used to create Xero, providing some insights into the different design techniques we’ve used to build a complex online application quickly, yet effectively. I will also discuss how those techniques are evolving as the company and the software grows.

The Xero UPA presentation in Wellington is happening on Tuesday 7 August

Wellington details:

Xero Interaction Design Case Study
(there will also be a presentation on the recent UPA conference held in Austin)
Tuesday 7th August, 12pm – 1:30pm2007
Statistics NZ House, The Boulevard, Harbour Quays, Wellington (across from the Railway Station on the waterfront)

Auckland details:

Xero Interaction Design Case Study
Tuesday 28th August, 6pm – 8pm2007
Bank of New Zealand, 3rd floor, 125 Queen Street, Auckland

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