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SaaS: Software as a Service Summit

Learn how SaaS is revolutionising the software and business world at the Software as a Service Summit later this month in Auckland. Xero’s chief operating officer Alastair Grigg is presenting at the event, which promises to answer the big questions: the critical advantages for your organisation in adopting SaaS; moving from fixed to variable  IT architecture, costs, size and operations; SaaS and traditional enterprise software  how does the jigsaw fit?

Alastair’s presentation is The Race for Success: Unfolding the Marketplace for SaaS:

Predictions of SaaS success in the IT marketplace are highly favourable. Technology entrepreneurs are hot onto the SaaS track whilst traditional software enterprises look to enter the race lest they lose out. But what are the hurdles that exist in this race and do they differ for different market entrants? This session examines the dynamics of the growing SaaS market and poses some important considerations for both the new start-up enterprise as well as traditional software providers.

  • Overview of the SaaS marketplace
  • SaaS and Web 2.0: What is the difference?
  • Funding implications for SaaS vendors
  • What it takes to win in the SaaS marketplace

Event details:

SaaS: Software as a Service Summit
21st May, 2007
Stamford Plaza, Auckland
More info:
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