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Xero is the accounting system I’ve always wanted. I’ve been involved with a number of small businesses over the years, and it’s always seemed too hard finding the information that’s needed to be successful.

But the stars have aligned: growing broadband access, advanced web development techniques, and increasing acceptance of the Internet means the time is now right for a revolutionary improvement in small business accounting.

My partner in Xero is Hamish Edwards, one of New Zealand’s most progressive accountants. Hamish was the virtual chief financial officer in my last business, AfterMail, and was my accountant for a number of years before that. We’ve been discussing this concept for some time.

We’ve lined up an all-star team – people I’ve worked with before, and lots of new faces who come in from the top of their fields. We’ll introduce those people to you over the next few months. Everyone involved is passionate about creating a world-class company with product that provides an exceptional user experience.

As small business owners ourselves, we know what it’s like. We know that cashflow is king. We understand the pressure of trying to spend quality time with your kids when your tax return is due tomorrow.

We believe accountants and other business advisers are important to the success of small businesses  we want to help your advisers help you.

We’re providing a collaborative environment, meaning you can get advice on your precise current situation, rather than using historical data which might be months out-of-date  advisors can get more involved in your business.

As of today, we’re beta testing Xero. We’re working with a number of local companies to make sure we’re meeting their requirements. And internally we’re building operational support systems to be able to care for our customers in the way that we’ve always wanted to.

We’ll open all of that up over the next month or so. We see this as a marathon, not a sprint, so we’ll be signing up customers in batches, as we build up our operational processes and capabilities.

Once established in the New Zealand market we’ll be expanding quickly around the globe. Please sign up and we’ll keep you up to date.

Again, welcome to Xero. This is the business and product offering I’ve always wanted to do. Most of all, we’re just hoping to give you back some hours in your week.

Rod Drury
Founder and CEO

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