What are Colorado business owners raving about?

Colorado has always been a place for pioneers — people seeking out new beginnings, risk-takers working towards a better life. A recent survey, commissioned by Xero and conducted by Dimensional Research, found that Colorado business owners still believe in the pioneer spirit.

ShipIt Day at Xero

ShipIt days are an opportunity for developers to down tools and spend 24 hours working on something completely different. Individuals pitch ideas, form teams, build products, and then present what they’ve made and what they’ve learned.

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    Rod DruryCEO

    Founder and CEO of Xero accounting software. New Zealand Entrepreneur of the Year, 2013.


    Ashleigh LambertPR

    Storytelling and communications buff. Writer, tweeter and marketer of all things Xero.


    David KochFinance expert

    Owner of Pinstripe Media. Host of Kochie’s Business Builders and co-host of Sunrise. Chairman of Port Adelaide FC.


    Hannah GrayDeveloper

    Jack-of-all-trades developer. Passionate about mentoring, graduate recruitment and promoting IT to the next generation.