A faster, simpler way to get your supplier invoices flowing into Xero

Xero Connect automates the flow of external invoices into Xero, saving you time, eliminating manual data entry and increasing the accuracy of your business numbers.


Xero Connect makes everyday business beautiful

Streamlined payments
Streamlined payments

Invoices flow automatically into your Xero account, saving you the hassle of manual work, so you get the bills paid sooner.

Minimised room for error
Your data’s safe and sound

All data that passes between our supplier partners and your Xero account is encrypted using bank-level security.

Less room for error

We’ve eliminated manual data entry and the errors that can come with it, saving you time and rework.

How Xero Connect works

You connect to your Xero account via the supplier customer portal.

You select your preferences, including default account codes.

The supplier invoice flows automatically into Xero as a draft bill awaiting your approval. A PDF copy of the bill can also be attached.


When the invoice is paid, payment will appear in Xero and is matched to the bill for easy bank reconciliation.


Premium partners

Get invoices flowing automatically with our Xero Connect partners

Caltex StarCard

StarCard is the easy way to save money, save time and earn your business rewards in the process. By linking your StarCard account to Xero, you can save even more time with your fuel expenses sent to Xero each month.

Each time Caltex sends you a StarCard statement, a copy of the data is fed directly into Xero, along with a copy of the tax invoice. There’s no charge to integrate your StarCard account with Xero and no change to how you currently pay your StarCard statement.

To get started:

  1. Log into your myCaltex account (not yet registered for myCaltex? Click here)

  2. Click on My Star Cards in the top left menu

  3. In My Star Cards, click on Accounts & Transactions

  4. Click in Connect to Xero and authorise access to your Xero account

This service is available to eligible StarCard, StarFleet and StarFleet Plus account holders who receive monthly statement tax invoices. To link your StarCard and Xero accounts you must have a My Star Cards account that is linked to one StarCard account only. 

Visit Caltex.com.au for more details on how to connect your Xero account.


You can now link your Reece trade account to Xero so each time an invoice is finalised at Reece, it will automatically push across to your Xero account, allowing a consolidated, seamless approach to your paperwork.

Linking between Xero and Reece can be done in 4 simple steps:

  1. Log into your maX account on our website and navigate to ‘Manage Account’

  2. Select ‘Linked Applications’ and click ‘Link’ in the Xero section

  3. This will launch the Xero website where you can login and approve access

  4. Finalise the setup by completing the configuration steps, and then you’re ready to go!


Log into your Reece trade account portal for more details on how to connect your Xero account. 


By linking your BP Plus fuel card account to Xero, you can save even more time with your fuel expenses sent to Xero each month.

Each time an invoice is generated at BP, your BP Plus invoice data will flow straight into Xero as a draft bill. The feed won’t cost you a cent and there is no change to how you currently pay your BP Plus Invoice.

To connect to your BP Plus account:

  1.  Log into your BP Plus account via the BP Plus Online Portal
  2. Under Update Your Account, click Connect to Xero
  3. After accepting the Terms and Conditions, click Proceed to continue the setup of the integration
  4. Select how you would like to see your invoice data and then click Save Changes
  5. You will be automatically redirected to Xero, login to your Xero account and click Allow Access to authorise the transfer of data between your BP Plus account and Xero
  6. Once you are taken back to BP Plus online portal, map the chart of account codes to enable the feed.
  7. Click Save Changes

Visit www.bpplus.com.au for more details on how to connect your Xero account.


Uber for Business

Uber for Business 

Uber for Business with Xero can simplify your travel expenses as well as help streamline cash flow with monthly billing. Instead of paying per trip, organisations can apply for monthly billing, eliminating the hassle of handling multiple trips and receipts from employees. And with Xero Connect, the monthly Uber bill will flow seamlessly into Xero. This saves business owners time, removes manual data entry and increases the accuracy of invoices. 

How to get started 

  1. The first step is to download Uber for Business from the Xero App Marketplace.

  2. If you’re not already an active Uber for Business user, you’ll need to create a new account here.

  3. For organisations who sign up to monthly billing, Uber will email you a monthly PDF statement outlining the trips made that month for all employees on your account.

  4. To apply for Monthly Billing simply log in to your Uber for Business Dashboard, go to the Billing tab and submit a request

  5. Xero will extract the statement data and automatically create a draft bill in Xero.

  6. You can then review, approve and pay the draft bill.

  7. When the payment record comes into Xero via your bank feed, it will automatically be matched to your Uber for Business statement and reconciled.

Supplier partners

Receive your Council Rates, Water, Utility bills and more directly into your Xero account via Xero ecosystem partner Payreq MyBills.

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In business and want to improve the billing experience for small business customers? We’re here to help

Integrating your business with Xero benefits both parties: It helps you get paid faster and results in less data entry for small businesses using Xero. Xero Connect gives you access to the thousands of Aussie small businesses who use Xero every day. Combine our market share with your customer base to accelerate mutual brand awareness and develop growth opportunities. 

With free access to our API, your business can build a connection from your billing system to Xero quickly and simply. We provide lots of help online and you can also join the discussion in the community forum.

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