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Learning objectives

We'll cover some of the key ways Xero helps you manage your business finances, and how you can use it to collaborate with your colleagues and advisors to grow.

We'll show you how easy it is to use Xero across all of your favourite devices wherever you are. 

There is a checklist that accompanies the Try Xero course. It contains a breakdown of the tasks that are recommended in the series, and additional information to help you get the most out of your Xero trial.

This series is made up of 7 short videos, and a practical exercise checklist

  • Introduction to Xero
  • Setting up a Trial
  • Start with My Xero
  • Invoicing (Money in)
  • Banking (Money out)
  • Other Features
  • What to do next?

Course outline

    • Understand what Xero does (and doesn't do)
    • Understand how to start a trial and use the Demo Co
    • Send an Online Invoice
    • Set up a Bank Account
    • Understand unlimited users, and single ledger
    • Understand files
    • Understand which mobile apps are available
    • Understand the type of business Xero is suited to
    • Options for signing up (via adviser or directly)
    • Billing
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Try Xero

Do you want to find out if Xero is right for your business? 

We'll show you how to get the most out of your Xero trial so that you can determine whether we are a good fit. 

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Video series - 18 MINUTES

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