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Some other courses to get you recertified

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Getting started with Report Templates

In Xero, you can create report templates for your practice and use them across any or all clients to save time and ensure consistency.   Xero provides a series of pre-built templates to help you get started and these can be tweaked and customised further.  View course

Self-paced learning

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Security in Practice

Join our Xero experts, as we discuss some of the latest thinking on what it means to safeguard your business online, and offer some practical tips to strengthen your online security practices. View course

Self-paced learning

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Two Step Authentication

Two Step Authentication adds an additional layer of security to your Xero account. In this quick video, we'll guide you through the setup process of Two Step Authentication, and how to login with it once you're setup. View course

Self-paced learning

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Xero Bite: Optimising your practice needs with a Master COA

This short Xero Bite will talk about the reasons why a Master Chart of Accounts increases your efficiencies within your practice and why you should not just use a Default Chart of Accounts. View course

Self-paced learning

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Xero Bites: Lock Dates

This Xero Bite will demonstrate the importance of locking a Xero organisation when an advisor is preparing the organisation for year end, month end or at the end of a tax period. View course

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Xero Bites: Signing Documents Online

When your Accountant or Bookkeeper is using Xero Tax, you will be required to sign your Tax Returns or your Activity Statement online. In this video, you will learn how to navigate to your documents, send them back for review, check any comments from your Advisor and sign them with a click. View course

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