Step 8: More Settings

In this section you will learn how to use additional settings and further customise Practice Manager to suit your business standards and processes.

Topics covered in this section

  • Edit custom templates
    In Practice Manager, you can print invoices, statements, quotes and job briefs. The format of the output is determined by the template you select when you print the document. You can use the default templates in the application or you can customise templates to add your own special branding.
  • Enable notifications
    Notifications in Practice Manager allow you to keep managers and staff informed about their jobs through emails and in-app messages. It is essential to use them in a way that keeps staff connected rather than annoyed. Beware of the two most common pitfalls: too many notifications and sending them to the wrong people.
  • Connect to a Document Management System
    Practice Manager allows you to store documents against clients, jobs, quotes and suppliers. You can also integrate with an external Document Management system, for example Dropbox, to take advantage of an array of features such as document sharing, version control, comments, and collaboration with clients and team members.